Cloud terminology

What does cloud, Iaas, Saas, Paas mean?

Innovative solutions are described using new, unknown terms.
Before starting your search for cloud services, please study the following terminology. 

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a model of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. It encompasses infrastructure, software, business operations tailored to the specific customer’s needs and business processes. 

The cloud

The cloud is each web-based IT environment providing resources, software and infrastructure as services. 


Infrastructure as a service is a model within which customers receive IT infrastructure, software, hardware, disk space, computing capabilities and maintenance services. Users decide themselves what services they need and define required volumes. The tenant provides services, not a physical product. 


Platform as a service is a model within which the user receives a ready-made, usually customized set of applications. This way, users do not have to purchase and install the software themselves, as it is already available on the provider’s servers. Customers can use the interface. The model provides access from any device connected to the Internet. 


Software as a Service is a model within which the user receives selected software without the need to invest in hardware. The software operates on a server of the tenant who takes complete responsibility for the software’s operability. Customers use the software they need, without buying a separate license. They just pay for the usage. 

Public cloud

The public cloud is standardized and designed for multiple users. It is maintained by a common tenant, such as Microsoft. 

Private cloud

A private cloud is designed for the specific needs of the organization.