Primary benefits of cloud computing

ERP system in the Azure cloud


Microsoft Azure enables you to build up the resources that you need, depending on a situation. If your company is growing and your demand for computing resources and disk space is increasing, the cloud is the best solution. You only use what you need and you do not pay for redundant software or hardware. And if it soon turns out that you need more disk space to accommodate your rapid growth? No problem – just increase your resources. And if your company needs different computing capabilities at different times, you can flexibly optimize the usage. Scalability is a great benefit, which gives Azure the edge over any on-premise server infrastructure.


Cloud computing is safe. All data is encrypted, which prevents unauthorized usage. It is available only to you or persons you authorize. You decide who and how long can access documents. With secure backup, you are able to protect your resources against accidental deletion.

And if your computer is stolen, you can delete all confidential information remotely. The geographical dispersion of data centers ensures access to all your data and applications at any time, so you can use the system seamlessly in all locations.


Access to data from multiple devices, including mobile, is a huge advantage of the cloud. It enables you to streamline communication, collaboration and workflows within your company. The cloud offers you unlimited computing capabilities needed to launch applications which can streamline daily tasks and business processes. Updates are made automatically without any need to install the software on your computers, which in turn prevents stoppages. Access to the cloud is leverage for your business success.

Reduced maintenance costs

Cloud solutions enable you to avoid huge investment in an advanced server infrastructure and maintaining it. All delivery and maintenance tasks are managed by a service provider. Your IT staff can focus on other tasks to streamline the way your company operates in. What is even more important, you pay as you go! You do not waste your money on what you don’t need.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

 Seamlessly manage your infrastructure

When is it worth moving to the cloud?

Are you considering moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud? If your company is experiencing the following situations, it is time you implemented cloud computing in your company:

Company servers have to be replaced

Your servers have been used for many years. You notice that they do not function properly and you have to cope with malfunctions more and more frequently. This means time for a change. At this point, it is worth considering whether to invest in a new server or move your resources to the cloud. By postponing this decision, you actually risk a server failure, which can be critical for your business operations.

Why is it worth considering whether to move to the cloud? The cloud is a remedy for failures and the resulting downtime. By moving your business to the Azure platform, you can reduce the costs of maintaining your IT network.

Your company is growing fast

As your company grows, the number of employees; production becomes more complex and new subsidiaries are created. It is the best time to gain some insight into the capabilities Microsoft Azure offers. Microsoft Azure enables you to avoid the problems of creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Focus on your business and build your IT infrastructure on a flexible Microsoft Azure platform.

You are setting up new subsidiaries

If your company has planned to launch new subsidiaries, you should consider moving your resources to the cloud. This means that the only thing you need in a new location is reliable access to the cloud.

You are launching a new business

If you are starting a new business, it worth considering building the IT infrastructure in the cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you can avoid heavy investment in servers and maintenance costs. Moreover, you can allocate such savings to actions that bring you an immediate return.