President of IT.integro about the IT Market, Company Plans, and Innovative Technology in the ERP System

Business growth correlates with technology transformation. A modern ERP system is a solution that addresses the ongoing business need for automation and optimization by leveraging the latest technological advances, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and business intelligence tools.

Artificial Intelligence accelerates progress

It is worth verifying the myths around AI that have been cropping up the media to focus on the opportunities it offers to business. Above all, with artificial intelligence companies can seize the chance to boost their productivity in automation, analytics or trend prediction.

Microsoft is gradually enhancing Dynamics 365 Business Central with AI features that reduce workload and support end users of the ERP system. New AI features have streamlined reporting and improved business and predictive analytics. This way, Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers companies to significantly boost their competitiveness in the business environment. We anticipate tremendous potential and benefits AI-based advancements will bring to our customers.

What are the needs of our customers?

First of all, there is a growing awareness of the benefits offered by cloud computing in the market among our customers. Companies are transitioning from on-premises licenses to a subscription model that ensures flexibility and helps overcome barriers in technology purchases. The cloud preference is clearly visible among our foreign customers, but Polish companies are also increasingly choosing the cloud.

As an ERP system implementation partner and cloud application provider, we also experience the benefits of the subscription licensing model. By lowering the purchase barrier, we are able to reach more customers with cloud solutions. What is more, the subscription payment model ensures the stability of our revenues that come from subscription fees for access to software, complementary infrastructure and the unlimited digital world.

Globalization of the IT job market

The privileged position of IT employees on the job market is nothing new, and globalization of recruitment only reinforces this trend. We compete for employees not only in Poland, but more and more often with foreign companies. With their remote work culture, foreign companies can easily attract and reach talents in Poland. This puts more pressure on employers, which results in the shrinking salary gap between Polish and Western companies. On the other hand, , it also creates a comfortable and thriving environment for IT specialists . It is crucial to recognize the privileges that came with working in this thriving and expanding industry.

Changes in the Polish market

In Poland, digitization is rapidly expanding, encompassing various sectors like banking and electronic data exchange with state institutions. Integration with the National System of e-Invoices is one of this year’s challenges The plan to launch the NSeI system and provide access to all business entities on one day entails significant risks. The need to integrate with the NSeI has revealed technological backlogs. Now, companies that have not been consistently investing in IT system upgrade and maintenance will have to face the challnges.

Based on our experience in managing projects worldwide, we can see a growing design culture in Poland. We highly value the cooperation with Polish companies in terms of partnership  and project management. Positive changes occur in various  project areas, starting from requirement definition, through schedule planning and development of stakeholder roles.

Invitation to the Dynamics Business Forum

In 2024, our focus will be on delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our customers. We are committed to sharing our expertise, training users on effective utilization of these solutions, and developing innovative business cloud-based applications. We extend our invitation to our customers and entrepreneurs interested in Dynamics 365 Business Central to join us at the April Dynamics Business Forum conference.


Piotr Śledź, President of IT.integro Board