HR & Payroll Manager app is on AppSource

Premiere of HR & Payroll Manager on AppSource

IT.integro has opened a new chapter in its history by debuting on Microsoft AppSource with a cloud-based version of its HR & Payroll Manager. This is already the company’s sixteenth application on this platform and it is a key extension of Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality in the area of personnel management and payroll accounting.

HR & Payroll Manager – a whole spectrum of possibilities

HR & Payroll Manager is an advanced tool offering a number of features that help companies manage their staff and payroll. Its history dates back to 1999, when the solution, still under the name Kadry i Płace, began to be developed and implemented among IT.integro customers.

The application enables users to create a comprehensive HR database, generate numerous documents, keep records of working time and absenteeism, calculate salaries and benefits as well as post payroll in accordance with defined criteria.

As a result, HR processes become more effective, transparent and legal. One of the key advantages of HR & Payroll Manager is its compliance with the current provisions of Polish financial law and the Labor Code. The tool is tailored to the needs of medium and large companies from various industries and it is also open to integration with various ERP systems, not only with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Basic application features

HR & Payroll Manager offers a number of key features facilitating effective management of human resources and payroll. It complies with the latest regulations and is based on technologies and industry best practices to support companies in key areas of their business. These include:

  • Comprehensive management of the process of calculating and controlling various forms of employee remuneration

HR & Payroll Manager enables accurate and precise calculation of salaries for employees, taking into account various forms of remuneration and current legal regulations, including those related to the social insurance system, the tax system and the National Health Fund.

  • Defining payroll elements along with calculation algorithms

The application is extremely flexible in defining remuneration elements, which allows you to adapt the system to the specific needs of the company and its remuneration model.

  • Keeping detailed work time records

HR & Payroll Manager enables keeping detailed records of working time, streamlines human resources management and supports users in the implementation of the correct HR and payroll policy.

  • Full integration with the General Ledger

As HR & Payroll Manager can fully integrate with the General Ledger, the solution ensures easy and quick payroll posting and provides up-to-date and accurate data necessary for proper accounting.

  • Automated transfer of data to the Płatnik program

HR & Payroll Manager was designed to facilitate automatic transfer of data to the Płatnik program, which significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of preparing transfers and declarations.

  • Creating electronic transfers

The application provides the ability to create electronic transfers, which enhances payroll management and streamlines payroll processes.

  • Definable access control

With HR & Payroll Manager, you can define access rights to various parts of the system, thus to maintain an appropriate level of security and control over employee data and payroll.

Learn more about the functionalities in HR & Payroll Manager documentation.

Application Roadmap

Maciej Młocek, Senior Developer Consultant at IT.integro, says: “Our constant priority is to keep the HR & Payroll Manager functionality up-to-date so that it complies with the latest legal regulations. A wide range of features is already available within the standard application version, but we are constantly developing new ones, often finding inspiration in individual implementation projects carried out for selected organizations. Once we know that a given solution may have a wider application, it is included in the standard functionality of an application.

In the near future, we plan to introduce a reporting function that will display the differences in amounts and percentages between payrolls from different periods. With this feature, the user will have easy access to information about changes in remuneration for selected employees, both on an aggregated level as well as for individual components. This improvement will make it easier to explain changes in salaries to employees and allow for effective analysis of trends and payroll adjustments over a specific period of time.

Another planned innovation is the introduction of the function for importing/exporting absence data and additional components to HRP journals by using Excel sheets.”

Availability and licensing

HR & Payroll Manager is available both in the cloud-based (online, SaaS) and on-premises (perpetual license and subscription) models. Within both models, users have access to the full functionality of the system. Since the release of Business Central 2019 wave 2, the application is offered as a single solution for both the online and on-premises versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Check the HR & Payroll Manager app on Microsoft AppSource.

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