Operacje kasowe z Cash Desk Management

Cash Desk Management – a new application extending the standard system functionality in the scope of cash desk operations and transactions

Our new application – Cash Desk Management – is available on Microsoft AppSource! The solution extends the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central for handling and processing operations and cash desk transactions.

Cash Desk Management is a solution designed specifically for users who want to increase control over these processes and ensure the compliance of transaction processing with rules governing the turnover of cash in their company.

Streamline the handling of cash desk operations in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Cash Desk Management offers a wide range of features that adapt the ERP system to the requirements for recording cash operations. The solution has been developed to address the needs of companies using cash registers to meet their requirements related to the handling of cash desk operations, documents and reports in such a way as to ensure the most optimal management of cash and non-cash transactions in different currencies.

The functional extensions of Cash Desk Management enable users to:

  • operate multiple cash desks in different currencies,
  • register cash receipts and withdrawals from the bank account,
  • directly settle receivables and payables,
  • enter, post and print cash desk documents for receipts and withdrawals,
  • use cash desk reports for periodic and ongoing control.


Cash Desk Management and local legal requirements

The application developed by IT.integro can be used by companies that operate in different countries. Its flexible architecture can be expanded with new components that help adapt the solution to the country- or company-specific requirements for handling, registering and reporting cash desk operations.

Cash Desk Management also adjusts Dynamics 365 Business Central to the Polish legal requirements of entities conducting business activity – that is the Accounting Act in the scope of cash flow obligations.


Cash desk card in Cash Desk Management

Cash desk card is the core element of the application that enables Dynamics 365 Business Central users to flexibly define and customize multiple settings to streamline cash handling processes.

Users can define the following settings:

  • currency used for cash desk operations,
  • cashiers authorized to post cash desk operations,
  •  cash desk account number series used for registering cash operations,
  •  cash desk document number series,
  •  posting group for the bank account to which cash operations are posted,
  •  codes assigned to a cash register used in transaction entries.


Reports – increased control on an ongoing and periodic basis

Reports in Cash Desk Management enable improved control over cash operations and transactions. The application facilitates printing of posted cash desk documents based on specified report types – final and test versions of receipt and withdrawal confirmations as well as cash desk reports. You can first generate cash desk reports and then modify them as well as recalculate the ending balance after changes are made.


Availability and licensing

The application is available under various licensing models. The users can download and use Cash Desk Management in the SaaS cloud-based and on-premises licensing models (perpetual and subscription).

Check out Cash Desk Management on Microsoft AppSource!