Automotive meet up 2018

Automotive Meet Up 2018

On August 28, Automotive Meet-Up, the first conference for truck and van dealers in Poland, was held in Warsaw. The meeting focused on the Polish premiere of incadea.dms, a dealer management system. The event was organized by IT.integro – the Polish reseller of the software.

About the Automotive Meet Up 2018 conference

The conference attracted approximately 70 participants. It was the first meeting of specialists and experts on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and incadea.dms with representatives from the automotive industry in Poland.

During the conference, speakers from IT.integro and incadea indicated the multitude of challenges the automotive industry faces. They presented real-life solutions that will stimulate the growth of companies, by enabling them to adjust their offerings to the new expectations of their customers, and to the changing market and digital transformation.

Experts presented tools that effectively boost performance indicators in each area of the dealership business, starting from KPI optimization, the improvement of performance results and efficiency, and the maximized use of human resources, sales process control and customer value.

70 participants, 7 interesting sessions and countless questions

The topics presented at the conference met with a lot of interest from participants. Most of the presentations generated a lot of productive questions.

During the first presentation, Paweł Przybylski, Partner Network Manger, IT.integro, guided the participants through the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, and presented the structure of incadea.dms as well as the part, service and sales management processes.

Radosław Kluczyński, Senior Conultant at IT.integro, discussed the concept of the incadea.dms solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing a professional description of the system architecture and benefits for dealers. He also gave an interesting insight into how the software can be tailored to the user’s role, meeting the user’s specific expectations.

Based on the scenarios proposed, he explained how truck dealers can streamline the customer management process by implementing accurate analytics and effective lead conversion.

The following session was delivered by a speaker from incadea, Detlef Deutz, Global Account Director for DAF and Eugene Averson, Sr. Business Consultant and Maarten Reloe ICT Manager, LenGo Automotive Group, who showcased how to improve the efficiency of truck management processes using the Truck module.

About incadea.dms

incadea.dms is a next generation global dealer management solution that stimulates increased effectiveness and improved performance. The solution has been designed based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As an international DMS, it offers role customization, enabling the user to optimize the views and dashboards depending on the user’s needs.

The key benefits that incadea.dms offers to truck and van dealers include:

  • Reduced training needs
  • Based on the user’s role, each employee gets access to specified and customized information
  • Increased focus on business processes
  • Transparent and controllable work status
  • Easier and more targeted dealer activity


During Automotive Meet Up 2018, experts from IT.integro and incadea discussed the topics related to modern software solutions for truck dealership management. They shared their knowledge and experience in the area of innovative tools that support automotive dealers.