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Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is an advanced business tool designed to streamline business processes. This business solution supports the management of single or group companies by effective collection and validation of business data. With modern ERP business tools, companies can reach not only their business objectives, but also increase their competitiveness and productivity, reducing costs and optimising their workflows at the same time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most popular and most frequently chosen ERP systems worldwide.

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Since 1983, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly, Navision) has been providing innovative functionalities, capabilities and solutions that stimulate business growth worldwide. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution dedicated for SMB. Providing a wide spectrum of capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enhances development, fulfilling the specific  needs of each organisation. Its architecture enables you to make your daily business processes more efficient and streamlined. It ensures better control over the company’s revenues and increases its profitability.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The ERP software that is used by more than 160 000 companies worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality

The rich and flexible functionality package is the core of Dynamics NAV. The architecture of this business solution enables you to adjust the system to stimulate and accommodate for its growth. Dynamics NAV is a response to the needs of modern markets and businesses that have to face ongoing changes and evolve to stay competitive.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s functionality consists of the 9 critical areas:


Fixed Assets

Cash Management

Sales and Receivables

Sales Tax

Purchase and Payables


Warehouse Management

Basic Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing

Supply Planning

Capacity Planning


Sales and Marketing

Service Management



Document Management

Application Objects


To download a detailed description of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality and read more on this ERP system, please visit our Knowledge Base pages.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface

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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation

Get control over your business!

The complete control means that you have the insight into all business processes in your organisation. You know all process steps and workflows. Therefore, you are able to make conscious and accurate decisions. The ERP software supports the decision making process, enabling your employees to take correct steps based on reliable analyses. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you confidence that right persons make right decisions, which prevents unnecessary expenses. This ERP system also enables you to monitor your staff’s activity, work time and use of resources.

Simplify and organise your employees’ work

Intuitive Role Centers have been designed as a personalised user interface that can be assigned to selected employee or employee jobs. With this enhancement, specified sets of Microsoft Dynamics NAV information can be accessed only by authorised users. This simplifies users’ work which means increased efficiency and productivity.

Get a complete overview of your finances

Increase the transparency of your finances with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The ERP software ensures transparent access to all data, including financial performance, transactions and profits and losses. When using an integrated IT system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Increase your company profits

Fast decision making is a key to success. Use the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics NAV to take your company to a higher level of business. Dynamics NAV automates decision processes, starting from purchases through inventory management to payment terms and conditions. The functionality of the ERP system supports cost reduction, improving the financial performance of your organisation 

Identify your key customers and search for new sales opportunities

Use the analyses and Business Intelligence tools to identify your customers’ needs. Meet your customers’ demands. Look ahead and respond quickly. Focus on the most profitable products. The ERP software enables you to analyse your company’s performance and create forecasts based on reliable analytic data.

Manage your orders effectively and ensure the highest level of service

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business solution that enables you to create service orders from customer orders. Due to streamlined order management, inventory and product control, you can operate more effectively and win your customers’ satisfaction.

Ensure customers’ loyalty by implementing loyalty schemes

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP system, the user can define various types of sales pricelists and discount rules for selected customers. The defined discount setup is automatically implemented for selected orders, including local or foreign currencies.

Adjust Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the needs of your organisation and upgrade your business.

Both you and your employees are oriented at the growth of your organisation. In order to fulfil your goals, you need a solution that meets your requirements and fulfils your specific industry needs. The ERP software – Dynamics NAV is a flexible tool the functionality of which can be enhanced as the company is growing.

Export your business onto international markets

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a package of functional solutions that support the international expansion of your company. Due to its multi-currency and multi-language features, Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports trading and relations with foreign customers. Use the unlimited number of currencies to manage your customers and vendors’ accounts in their local currencies.

Streamline work of your mobile employees

The ERP solution ensures access to the system for all mobile employees. The user can access its user role using any mobile device.

Choose the right solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available both in the standard version (on servers), and on the secure Microsoft cloud. Additionally, starting from April 2015, the ERP software is available in the subscription model within NAV 365, which is a new product package offered by IT.integro. The choice is yours.

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Check how you can boost each of your business activities!

Financial Management

Effective inventory and financial management

Effective analysis of receivables and liabilities

Automated document assignment process

Optimised time and data consolidation costs

Simplified cash flow management processes

Fixed Assets control

Cash flow forecasting

Improved cost management

Efficient collaboration between subsidiaries


Increase efficiency of production orders

Improved resource planning and capacity forecasting

Faster response to customer responses

Effective production planning

Shorter order leadtime

Supply chain management

Improved inventory and inventory level management

Faster response to demand

Creating realistic schedules

Effective collaboration with contractors

Timely delivery

Shorter packing and pick times

Warehouse area used more efficiently

Reporting and analytics

Effective budget management

Creating personalised reports

Observing trends and dependencies

Improved collaboration

Reliable reports

Streamlined decision processes

Sales and marketing

Customer and sales data management

Creating marketing campaigns

Contact and customer relationship management

Assembly Management

Human Resources Management

Possibility to add notes to employee cards

Streamlined human resources management

Increased data storage security

Easier planning and work time recording

Tracking absences


Facilitated period employee evaluation

Project Management

Cost and time budgets

Automated billings

Tracking resource costs and usage

Customer request management

Order management

Resource allocation

Creating reports


An ERP solution with a package of business benefits
Available in subscription!

NAV365 is a new type of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering. It includes a set of applications and business software, with the ERP system as the core. NAV 365 is an innovative solution that ensures the integration of your business software with Office 365 on Microsoft Azure. It is available in the cost-effective subscription model.

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