Advanced Product Configurator

Advanced Product Configurator: A tool for personalizing products and increasing competitiveness

Companies are looking for more and more advanced tools that enable personalization and configuration of their products. That is why IT.integro, a renowned IT solution provider, introduced the innovative application – Advanced Product Configurator – to the market. This application has been designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users and enables manufacturing and trading companies to personalize their production orders and create diversified product variants. In this article, we will tell you more about the tool – about its user friendly interfaces and how it streamlines production planning processes.

The application is already available on Microsoft AppSource

Advanced Product Configurator has been available on Microsoft AppSource since the end of April 2023. The application developed by IT.integro is one of over 20 solutions that the company has shared on this platform so far. It is available in 2 languages: Polish and English, and can be widely used in various business environments.


A unique solution for manufacturing and retail industry

Whether you manage a trading company that customizes products to individual customer needs, or a manufacturing company where product parameters must be compatible with an individual order, Advanced Product Configurator complies with all these requirements. Advanced functionalities for configuration and flexibility of the application help companies build a competitive and varied offer.


Functionalities that increase market competitiveness

Advanced Product Configurator offers comprehensive features that streamline efficiency and increase business competitiveness. Here are some of the application features:

  • Eliminate redundant data

With Advanced Product Configurator, you can only create the necessary items, variants, and production orders that are currently required. The solution helps the user avoid gathering unnecessary product variants in the system, which leads to more optimized warehouse and production processes.

  • Personalization under control

The application allows you to define any number of attributes, attribute values and dependencies between them. Therefore, it is possible to configure products in accordance with complex customer requirements. The solution enables companies to create personalized products, tailored to the individual needs and preferences of customers.

  • Automatic compliance assessment

With Advanced Product Configurator it is possible to set up the rules for error control and parameter combinations. You can use them to automatically eliminate invalid combinations of attribute values, ensuring correct configuration. This significantly reduces the risk of errors and mismatches in the production process.

  • Faster processes

The application uses advanced bill of material (BOM) templates to automatically calculate component lists based on attribute values. This means reducing the time of product design by automatically creating production routings, which leads to streamlined production processes and improved efficiency.

  • Dynamic sales prices

Advanced Product Configurator enables users to define formulas, additional parameters and conditions that automatically calculate sales prices based on item attributes and the total price of components in a bill of materials (BOM). This, in turn, gives companies the flexibility to adjust prices to different sales scenarios and market conditions.

  • Standardization of processes

The application enables the automatic creation of numbers, descriptions and extended texts based on attribute values. Additionally, features to calculate item weight, units of measure and other parameters are available to standardize processes and improve data quality. It allows businesses to manage production operations in a more uniform and precise manner as well as ensure a consistent and accurate way to describe products.


Application roadmap

Paweł Bartos, Product Development Manager at IT.integro, has provided us with an insight into the Advanced Product Configurator roadmap. He says that adjusting application features to the needs of its users is the top priority for the company. The roadmap is mainly based on the requirements reported by customers who are active users of the solution.

Bartos emphasizes that new functionalities are often reported during the implementation of the solution, and if they are not organization-specific, they are thoroughly analyzed and implemented as part of the standard application functionality. Currently, Paweł Bartos and his team are working on several important features that are to be implemented in the near future.

“The extension of the functionality by the ability to copy setup elements for configuration types is one of the solutions that we are planning to implement shortly. We would like to enable fast and easy copying of settings between different configuration types, which will further streamline configuration processes” – explains Paweł Bartos.

Introducing the ability to generate production BOM numbers is another functionality that is planned to be implemented. It will allow users to automatically generate unique numbers of bills of material, making them easier to identify and manage.

Another important initiative will be to expand the functionality of subordinate BOM generation. We are planning to enable the creation of more complex bills of material that will take into account dependencies between components. It will greatly facilitate the process of designing and managing production” – he adds.

“The entire IT.integro team is very excited about these new functionalities and believes that they will contribute to the further increase in efficiency and flexibility of Advanced Product Configurator. We are working hard and our goal is to provide our customers with an improved tool for personalizing production. Continuous development work and responsiveness to customer needs are crucial for IT.integro so that Advanced Product Configurator is always at the forefront of innovation in the field of product configuration,” he concludes.



Advanced Product Configurator by IT.integro is a sophisticated tool dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users, which enables companies to reach a higher level of production personalization, accelerate their processes and increase their market competitiveness. With advanced features such as redundant data elimination, personalization under control, automatic compliance assessment, process acceleration and standardization, Advanced Product Configurator can bring numerous benefits to your business.