Advanced Product Configurator

Custom manufacturing with production BOMs and routings, items and orders

How can you use Advanced Product Configurator for custom manufacturing in ERP?


Advanced Product Configurator is an app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing, designed for creating item cards, item variants, production BOMs, routings and orders with the use of predefined attributes, attribute values and dependencies between the attributes.


The application enables you to meet the specific needs of your clients as a tool for developing a range of competitive and diverse products and the key to improved production efficiency. The application has been developed by IT.integro – Microsoft ISV Partner and solutions provider.


The solution enables the users to set up the configurator themselves, without the need to modify the system or seek help of external consultants.

Who is the Advanced Product Configurator app dedicated to?


Our versatile application that can be implemented both in a trading company, where the products and product sets are typically assembled to meet the specific needs of a particular customer, and in a manufacturing company, where the parameters of produced goods must be compatible with an individual customer order, assembly BOMs.

What do I need to know about Advanced Product Configurator?


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Functionalities of Advanced Product Configurator by IT.integro

Limiting the amount of data

The app can be accessed directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and it enables creating items, item variants and production orders whenever needed, without the necessity to store redundant item variants in the system.

Parameterization under control

The functionality enables defining multiple attributes, possible attribute values and dependencies between the attributes. Attributes can also be calculated automatically with the use of an attribute dependent mathematical formula.

Automatic compliance assessment

Users can set up a control mechanism for error and parameter combinations in order to automatically prevent the user from entering erroneous combinations of attribute values.

Faster production processes

The advanced functionality of production and assembly BOM templates allows for the automatic creation of component lists based on attribute values and the automatic calculation of quantities required to produce configurable items. It also offers the built-in control mechanisms for the production BOMs created.

Automatization has been topped up with automatically created (on the basis of attribute values) production routings which streamlines the productional and technological aspect of the product design process.

Automatic sales price calculation

You can use the solution to define the formulas and additional parameters for automatic calculation of sales prices which are based on item attributes, and the total price of components that create the BOM.


The functionality of the app also enables the automatic creation (on the basis of attribute values) of item numbers and variants, multilingual descriptions and extended texts, as well as calculations of item weight and units of measure. As a versatile tool Advanced Product Configurator, can be used for creating all item types – not only configurable items. This ensures improved process standardization and data quality.

How much does Advanced Product Configurator cost?

Online & On-premises subscription

On-premises perpetual

  • Unlimited – the fee does not depend on the number of Business Central users.
  • The number of users is calculated for each tenant of Dynamics 365 Business Central separately.
  • The above prices do not include VAT

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Benefits of Advanced Product Configurator

Increased efficiency of production processes through the automated creation of production BOMs and routings

Automated processes of defining sales prices and assessing the compatibility of attribute value combinations

Process standardization and improved data quality due to the possibility to create different types of items, not only configurable items

Self-setup of the application without the need to modify the system or seek help of external consultants

Reduced amount of data

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