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Polish Functionality is an add-on module certified by Microsoft that extends the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (W1) version with local functionalities. The module has been developed and prepared by IT.integro’s consultants and translators. Its main objective is to make Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 compliant with local legal and business requirements.

Local solutions for general ledger management

Additional columns: Debit Amount and Credit Amount, Posted document number information, Posting Description, Posting an adjustment (red storno), Document numbering templates, Number series in master templates, Importing NBP (National Bank of Poland) exchange rates, Adjusting exchange rates, Exchange rate adjustment registers, Information about the name and version of the accounting software, Balance sheet and profit & loss statement, Account Schedules.

Local solutions for vat management

VAT Settlement Date, Postponed VAT (marking approved sales credit memos), Sales/Purchase VAT Register, VAT Application Worksheet, VAT Declaration, Detailed VAT Entries, Posting VAT documents in general journals, Posting a full VAT amount, Non-deductible VAT, Inter-company sales orders and invoices, Reverse charge VAT supported, VAT-UE Declaration, VAT-27 Declaration, Service Tariff No.

Local solutions for cash management

Cash management, Bank Statement Journal, Calculating and posting currency exchange rate differences in banking transactions, Electronic banking.

Local solutions for receivables and payables management

Sales price rounding precision, Printing fiscal receipts, Printing sales documents, Sales pro-forma invoice, Sales Credit Memo, Selection of a bank account in sales documents, Multiple interest rates, Corrective memos, Settlement invoice of an employee prepayment, Customer and vendor templates, Multiple receivables/payables accounts, Customer/vendor compensations, Customer/vendor balance reconciliation, Prepayment invoices, Contractor data in the National Official Business Register (BIR), Quarterly reporting for the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS DNU-K).

Local solutions for fixed assets management

Fixed assets classification, New fixed assets classification (KŚT 2016), Fixed asset appreciation in a purchase invoice, Annual depreciation plan.

Local solutions for inventory management

Polish Classification of Products and Services (PKWiU), General business posting group in transfer orders, production orders and assembly orders, Packaging tax calculation, Intrastat, Physical inventory counting document, Warehouse activity documents.

Analysis and reports

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Financial statements consolidation, management reports and analytics in ERP system

Global companies apply different methods for the preparation of consolidated financial statements. The following diagram shows four approaches. Spreadsheets are the most common and elementary method. The most advanced approach involves Global Template/core-based implementation of an ERP system in all company subsidiaries (consolidated entities).


Polish Localization

Application Polish Localization is an application that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system. It enables system to adapt to requirements of Polish legislation, especially these set out in the Accounting Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act.

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