Information Security Policy


The objective of IT.integro Sp. z o.o. is to continually build the trust of our customers by ensuring the reliable operation of their IT systems and by protecting access to confidential information.


We execute the Information Security Policy by implementing the following rules:


  • We comply with the procedures, rules, legal requirements and provisions of the valid Information Security Policy.
  • We make continued efforts to increase the awareness of our employees and associates on information security.
  • We guarantee that our customers use secure access to information by controlling user permissions.
  • We maintain and monitor system setup and network modifications strictly.
  • We manage incidents by continuous monitoring of IT systems.
  • We implement new security methods to ensure that high security standards are maintained.


We identify the potential for security improvement and assess the risk of incidents to counteract any security problems successfully.


  • We are particularly focused on improving our effectiveness and operational efficiency and we are committed to efforts on information security management.
  • We expect our business partners and customers to comply with these rules as well.


Monitoring and enhancement of information security policy has been handed over to the Information Security Officer. The obligation to execute and validate Information security Policy lies with the Board of IT.intego. All IT.intego’s employees and associates have been involved in developing the security system. The management of IT.integro performs periodical audits to monitor the implementation and execution of the Policy.


Piotr Śledź, President of the Board, IT.integro sp. z o.o.