Dynamics Business Forum on tour

The cycle of Dynamics Business Forum meetings has been launched

As of the beginning of March, registration for the free cycle of business meetings Dynamics Business Forum on Tour has been launched. The meetings will be held in 11 different Polish cities and will host representatives of various companies and industries.

The only event of this kind in 2019

Dynamics Business Forum is the first initiative of this kind to be offered by ERP and business solution experts. In April and May 2019 these experts will visit 11 cities to meet local business owners and professionals.

They will showcase how innovations and modern technology can be integrated with business to influence the development of business strategies and business models. They will provide recommendations on business productivity tools that should be implemented to increase the effectiveness of the company’s operations. They will also discuss trends, technological innovations and new functionalities that will enable businesses to adapt to demanding markets undergoing digital transformation.

Dynamics Business Forum meetings are a perfect place for professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of business management solutions. During the meetings, the speakers will discuss the implementation methodology, costs and licensing models, and the most popular deployment platforms will be compared. The speakers will also present Microsoft solutions that create integrated ecosystems in companies.

Entering the reality of digital transformation

The starting point for the cycle of meetings are the changes triggered by digital transformation. Participants will be introduced into the world of new capabilities that digital transformation brings. They will get to know the directions in which ERP systems are evolving and the most ground-breaking innovations.

“We live in the times of digital transformation that offer a range of opportunities – both to us and our customers. Access to technological novelties, innovations, the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence – these are all becoming part of our daily lives and a prerequisite for maintaining a competitive advantage and growth in the technological reality”, says Piotr Śledź, the President of IT.integro Board. “All the changes and trends, and the expectations of our customers and partners, make it imperative that integrated business solutions should better meet user requirements, and offer improved user experience, availability, mobility, deeper integration and, above all, predictive analytics capabilities. In the modern business reality, success is achievable only for organizations that are aware of how essential it is to react to current trends and emerging customers’ needs. The ability to predict and respond appropriately is of key importance”, he concludes.

Microsoft technologies for business

During the Dynamics Business Forum, participants will get an insight into how Microsoft is responding to the new business reality. They will learn what lies behind the concepts of One Microsoft and Intelligent Edge, and how they fit into organisations’ growing needs. The experts will also demonstrate the benefits of the flexible ecosystem powered by the new technology and the integration of the ERP system and business apps such as Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Azure and Machine Learning.

Participants will be introduced to the latest version of the ERP systemMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is the successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the business software used by 170,000 companies worldwide. The experts will showcase new enhancements added in 2019, including a new ERP system interface, accessibility options, innovative capabilities and deeper integration with other Microsoft solutions.

11 cities in 2 months

“In April and May, we will visit 11 cities – Szczecin, Poznań, Wrocław, Warszawę, Lublin, Katowice, Kraków, Rzeszów, Łódź, Gdańsk and Toruń – to meet the representatives of local business”, says Daria Widerowska, Marketing & PR Manager, IT.integro. “We hope that these meetings will be an excellent opportunity to share opinions, knowledge and know-how, and that they will provide an inspiration for participants, by indicating the new directions for development and growth”, she concludes.