LS Central Diamond Partner

Once again IT.integro awarded with the LS Central Diamond Partner title

We are pleased to announce that IT.integro, a long-term LS Retail partner, has been honored with the LS Retail 2021 Diamond Partner (LS Central Diamond Partner) title. It is the most prestigious distinction LS Retail partners can ever achieve. The title is awarded to companies that recorded significant level of sales and demonstrated great involvement in the promotion of LS Retail products over the last year.


Another LS Retail Partner award for IT.integro

As Magnus Norddahl, CEO and President of LS Retail acknowledges, partners play a strategic role for the brand when it comes to supporting customers in selecting the right solutions that are the best fit for their businesses.

“Here in LS Retail we are proud of them and would like to thank them for their enormous contribution. By demonstrating wide knowledge and commitment to selling and promoting LS Retail’s solutions, our partners have provided the highest value to our customers – that is, their satisfaction and enjoyment. We are proud to recognize and honor IT.integro as the LS Central Diamond Partner for maintaining excellent relationships with customers, outstanding promotion of LS Retail products and positive impact on the entire partner ecosystem over the past year” – says Norddahl.


We owe it to our customers!

IT.integro has been conducting implementation projects, both local and global, involving retail solutions for years.  So far, the following companies have trusted us: Marketing Investment Group (Sizeer, Timberland, 50 style, Symbiosis, Umbro i Lotto), Cross Jeans, Kvik, Orbico Style.

“We are happy to join the LS Retail Diamond Partner network. It is a very valuable distinction as it is the recognition and summary of our business activities and commitment, says Piotr Śledź, President of the Board at IT.integro


LS Retail – software solutions for stores and retail chains from all over the world

LS Retail products are used by companies from all over the world – it is happening with the support of an extensive network of certified partners. The LS Retail partner network has been built up over many years and currently includes over 380 companies from 88 countries. To join this prestigious group, companies must meet certain requirements, including the ones related to participation in LS Retail product training. Partners are specialists in the area of retail and dedicated solutions. They have extensive knowledge of the legislation of the countries where products and services are available so that they can adjust their offer, technical support and project management to specific needs of their customer.