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Refreshment of IT.integro’s branding

As of the beginning of March, IT.integro has officially changed its logotype. This refreshment is aimed at adjusting the branding in response to current trends and the growth of the IT market and business. We are adapting to new opportunities and taking advantage of the chances that the digital transformation era offers.

Lifting, not rebranding

The changes introduced are part of a lifting, not a rebranding. The company’s mission, which is universal, has not been changed either.

“The changes are of an evolutionary nature. We do not see the need to start a revolution because we are on the right track, and  we should stick to it”, says Piotr Śledź, the President of IT.integro Board. “By refreshing our visual communication, we want to enhance our market impact and show our customers that growth and quality improvements are our core business values. We have decided that our brand should evolve to accommodate the ongoing changes that appear to be particularity significant in the IT industry. We should not stay in the same place”, he concludes.

Why are we changing our branding?

“Taking a closer look at our brand, we realized that the logo we have used so far does not really fit with what we are nowadays. Transformations that have been occurring on the market, among our customers, in the industry, and finally at our company, are so big that the previous branding no longer matched the present reality”, says Daria Widerowska, Marketing & PR Manager, IT.integro. “Our branding stopped representing what we are, namely the strategic Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in Poland that implements innovations, is open to new opportunities and creates trends”, she concludes.

The lifting is also a response to the changes that have been made in the area of the key product that is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Microsoft Dynamics NAV).



Logo IT.integro

Logo IT.integro