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IT.integro’s cloud applications for international companies – Global Apps

IT.integro has launched its new webpage –! The webpage is fully dedicated to cloud applications that IT.integro develops and delivers to international companies. Global Apps is a set of three applications including: Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany and Intercompany Insights. These apps deliver the functionalities that cater for the needs of dispersed organisations. The Global Apps webpage is available in two language versions – English and German. It contains information and materials about the solutions both for clients and users as well as IT.integro and Microsoft partners.  

About Global Apps 

The majority of IT.integro’s clients are international and multi-subsidiary companies that operate not only in different countries, but also on different continents. During 30 years of our operation, we have carried out projects in many countries, including New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Brazil, the Republic of South Africa and almost all European countries. Our ERP consultants service the clients remotely on a daily basis and travel to their offices to carry out implementation projects and deliver support services. In the course of cooperation with our clients, we have noticed some reoccurring problems, including the lack of data synchronization between subsidiaries or problems with intragroup commerce. They were the foundation for creating Global Apps product offer which consists of 3 applications:  

  • Master Data Management System, 
  • Advanced Intercompany, 
  • Intercompany Insights. 

Master Data Management System 

Master Data Management System was the first application of IT.integro designed for capital groups. It was developed to facilitate the management of basic data in the organisation. Working at the managerial level requires accurate decision-making and optimized access to multiple repositories of data, which are usually unavailable or impossible to compare due to different methods of data collection within the subsidiaries. 

By creating datasets and many variants of their replication to other databases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system, Master Data Management System enables: 

  • data synchronization between the subsidiaries and separate databases,  
  • integration of contact base,  
  • standardizing basic data, e.g. inventory numbering, 
  • improving electronic exchange of documents,
  • improving the effectiveness of communication and management,  
  • effective inventory management,  
  • improving customer service.  

Advanced Intercompany 

Advanced Intercompany is an application that is complementary to the Master Data Management System as it functionally covers the demand for process management in the area of intra-group transactions. With this solution. capital groups that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, can send and apply sales and purchase documents efficiently. The functionality to reconcile items in transit enables the user to create consolidated financial statements. In addition, owing to the possibility to reconcile the documents in the so-called buffer, the number of errors is reduced, and the negotiation time is shorter. The main asset of Advanced Intercompany application is the significant automation of purchase and sale transactions.  

Intercompany Insights 

Intercompany Insights is an application that is complementary to the two previously mentioned apps. It enables warehouse and inventory management in different business units of the capital group. Thanks to this application, the Business Central system users, who work in different locations and with different databases, can monitor the inventory levels in real-time, which enables them to:  

  • increase control over the warehouses,  
  • reduce the time of customer service and delivering current information regarding data and inventory availability, 
  • optimize replenishment processes, 
  • improve the productivity of logistic and warehousing processes.  

Global Apps on AppSource 

Global Apps are cloud solutions and can be acquired in the SaaS model. These solutions and other business applications offered by IT.integro are available on Microsoft AppSource. Microsoft AppSource is a marketplace for a few thousands cloud applications and solutions delivered by Microsoft partners from around.  

See IT.integro’s applications on Microsoft AppSource! 

Materials about Global Apps on the new webpage 

The webpage has been developed for the clients and partners of IT.integro to provide them with easy access to information about Global Apps and relevant materials. This webpage provides you with: