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International experience in ERP roll outs

For many years IT.integro has been working world-widely on global, multilanguage and multicurrency implementation projects. We have already completed successfully over 60 international projects in 51 countries. Every day, we support over 1000 foreign language users of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Global ERP roll outs

We have a reliable team of Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV professionals with wide spectrum of competences and experience.

They successfully deliver projects in the following areas:


We implement integrated multi-language systems and roll-out projects. With our local and global experience, we are able to meet requirements of large, multi-subsidiary organisations.
Roll-out deployments involve the reproduction of the global template implemented in one subsidiary in other subsidiaries within the capital group. Knowledge and experience that our team offers are of critical importance in such projects. We have coordinated projects in 51 countries!

Add-on solutions

We have been implementing our own professional solutions and delivering project know-how. The experience gained at the international market has enabled us to create such solutions as Master Data Management System (MDMS), which is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) add-on solution certified by Microsoft.

Software localisation

Both business software vendors and foreign companies that implement ERP systems in their Polish subsidiaries face the requirement of product localisation. Our software localisation offer includes user interface translation, online help translation and compilation, manual translation and validation, term base and translation memory management as well as translation of marketing materials for localised products.


Group reporting

simplified procedures; automated collection of data; financial data mining for various subsidiaries in real time; simplified reporting with standardised Profit & Loss Account in all subsidiaries

Increased profitability

decreased inventory levels within the group; reduced costs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation, support and upgrade

Improved management

simplified control and inter-subsidiary overview; faster change implementation within the group and market trend feedback.


harmonised processes, data and functionality; simplified accounting procedures.
ü Faster information flow – one format for information exchange between subsidiaries, notwithstanding different languages and currencies

Synergy effect

with harmonised systems, you can achieve more

Faster information flow

one format for information exchange between subsidiaries, notwithstanding different languages and currencies

Experience matters

60 roll-outs in 51 countries!

How do we implement international implementation projects?

Similarly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) implementations in Poland, our projects are based on a methodological approach. International ERP implementations are a specific type of projects. Because project delivery takes place in various locations which differ in languages used, process delivery methods and organisational flows, they require more advanced knowledge and skills than standard implementation projects.


Knowing the specific requirements of international projects, we have developed our specific methodology named NAV Global Standardisation and Roll-out Methodology (abbreviated as NGSRM). The objective of an NGSRM- based project is financial consolidation, which can be achieved by means of process and data harmonisation within an organisation..

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