Warehouse Management System

Full control over your warehouse processes

The warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a complete branch solution that facilitates warehouse activities. It is aimed at increasing business process efficiency, improving quality, increasing staff performance and automating operations. WMS is a dedicated tool that eliminates costs of inefficient business processes. Therefore, the implementation of Warehouse Management System brings benefits for the whole company. By providing accurate information on item availability, eliminating errors at ordering and faster picking, the company increases its reliability ratings among its clients and customers.


Warehouse Management System is a solution that is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) and is a perfect complement of the ERP system functionality. Due to its integration capabilities, it supports faster exchange of information with other departments such as finance, purchases and sales. It has been designed for manufacturing and distribution companies and for companies where warehouse management is a supplementary business activity.

Automatization. Control. Efficient.

Intelligent attitude to warehouse controlling


Get control over your inventory

Verification of inventory quantities to eliminate inventory losses which may occur if inventory levels are not controlled. The lack of control leads to multiple errors at ordering, delivery and invoicing which translates into customers dissatisfaction.

RF and barcode scanning solutions

RF and barcode scanning technologies have been used in barcode readers, including hand-held and forklift readers. The technology incorporates methods for transferring data from the scanning device to a central system using RF.

Effective time management

Effective time management due to automated warehouse processes which decrease employees’ errors and improve decision making. With WMS, all employees receive precise orders, as the system can specify the exact item location.

Increased performance

due to consistency of data stored within a single IT system. Inventory data stored within one system which ensures access to all employees

Storage area management

efficiently which reduces the volumes of “dead inventories” and “empty bins”, and optimises the use of storage area

Improved cooperation with your clients and customers

The system ensures access to transparent data overviews. The user has an ongoing access to inventory level information and can view all customer and client liabilities. This supports more conscious decision making and planning.


Choose strategic management


Fast and effective inventory management

Reduced costs

Precise picking and put-away

Improved access to reliable information

Improved identification of item location

Storage area managed efficiently

Faster and accurate order handling

Automated processes