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Furniture industry

For several recent years, the number of furniture companies that implement or upgrade their ERP systems, have been growing. In order to keep their competitive edge, companies have to focus on industry solutions which will stimulate their growth. Without such tools, they can become less productive within time.


Furniture manufacturing companies have their specific requirements. In order to manufacture even the simplest furniture item, as much as even several dozen of parts with a different technical specification need to be assembled. For each item, a separate production order has to be placed and all linked processes have to be monitored. Small furniture companies are able to control their expenses. However, for large manufacturing companies with serial production, it is not possible to keep proper control without an ERP solution. Controlling manufacturing processes manually can lead to longer lead times (if too small orders are placed) or stock overflows (in the case of an overestimate).

Furniture and woodworking industries solution

Modus Furniture is a set of tools for the furniture and woodworking industries that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central (former Dynamics NAV) – a powerful ERP system. The solution increases company competitiveness by enhancing its business presence in niches and increasing the diversity of its offerings for various target markets. It also facilitates business growth on foreign markets.


Modus Furniture meets the requirements of the furniture industry that requires dedicated solutions. With this software, you can automate your business processes as well as reduce operational costs in all business areas. When integrated into the ERP system, Modus Furniture brings your planning and scheduling onto a higher level. The ERP solution encompasses all locations, departments and countries where your company operates, integrating and streamlining your business processes within your organisation and within the customer relationship area. The solution increases your company’s flexibility.

“all-in-one” system

Production and sales under full control


Graphical planning (sales)

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  • Integrated variant management (sales, planning, purchases, manufacturing)
  • At the customer’s request: integrated graphical product setup and spatial design
  • Multi-level rules supporting order placement and sales data entry into BOMs and routings (work schedules)


Shipment and allocations

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  • Mapping all layouts related to customers and structures (including reporting)
  • Optionally, prices, discounts and payment terms inherited automatically
  • Bonus calculation
  • Management of license rights and project models


Routing planning

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  • Monitoring logistic processes in order to reduce shipment and inventory costs
  • Automated notifications using: EDI, e-mail, fax and e-mail communication
  • Managing item withdrawals and complaints
  • Improved and centralised procedures for item withdrawals and complaints
  • Transparent frequency and cost analyses with adjustment possibilities



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The availability of enhanced statistical data displayed in custom-defined dimensions:

  • Net change
  • Order entry
  • Available inventory.
  • Shipments
  • Purchases/Revenues



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  • Standard catalogues and price lists
  • The exchange of customer information using EDI


Other functionalities

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  • Graphical order entries and planning
  • Processing quotes and orders
  • Variant generator – specific for the furniture industry
  • Version, price and bonus tracking
  • Integrated customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Routing and assembly management
  • Integrated manufacturing control
  • Business Information Manager (BIM) – advanced forecasts and analyses
  • All standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functions


Take care about higher competitiveness

Ensure your company higher profits with Modus Furniture solution


An out-of-box solution for furniture companies producing on order or for a specific design

Complete functionality for manufacturing living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and upholstery furniture as well as fittings

Effective manufacturing planning and control with customisable cost schemas

short implementation time and investment

simplicity of use owing to intuitive user guidelines and simplicity off all operations