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Starting from fashion boutiques, through supermarkets and duty-free shops, retail includes a wide spectrum of activities. However, what all retail activities have in common, is high competitiveness, increasing pace of changes and challenges.


In order to stand out from your competitors, your sales staff should work for positive feedback from customers. However, maintaining high service standards is not enough to win customers’ loyalty and commitment. Presently, customer wish to have on-line and remote access to their favorite brands and stores. In the light of the increasing demand for Web stores, physical stores have become the limited form of retail business.
Fulfilling customers’ expectations on wide assortment and choice is another challenge for retailers. If customers do not find the products they have been searching for, it means not only losing a sales opportunity but also putting customer’s retention at risk. On the other hand, maintaining a huge warehouse involves many problems such as seasonal sales fluctuations and short expiry dates. LS Retail is a response to all concerns of retail business.


Get to know modern and flexible solution that facilitates your business, increases its effectiveness and boosts its productivity.

Manage efficiently with LS Retail

LS Retail is a complete solution that streamlines multi-channel retail management. As a vertical solution, LS Retail meets the specific demands of various retail companies. It offers a wide spectrum of functionalities which are required for effective operation and process management starting from company headquarters to POS terminals. Its simplicity enables you to schedule and manage backup activities. In LS Retail, you can track your sales, inventories, product life cycle throughout all sales channels, by viewing data in points of sales or on the e-commerce platform and remotely.


Be fast and effective to keep up with market changes. Minimise risks and maximise benefits! LS Retail incorporates a number of tools which by improving customer service level, make customers return both to online and physical stores. Choose an industry solution which will bring your business into a new era of trade. LS Retail is particularly tailored to stores of the following branches: fashion, electronics, furniture, duty-free shops, grocery products and supermarkets, etc.

Let shopping at your store be an unforgettable experience for your customers

Every day. Every time. From everywhere.



  •  Product lifecycle management
  •  Manual and automated item maintenance
  • Dynamic hierarchy, attributes and other
  • Product grouping
  • Price, offer, voucher and campaign management
  • ”Open-to-buy” function
  • Automated forecasting and replenishment
  • Franchise network management
  • Staff management
  • Loyalty program management
  • Special Orders
  • Sales reporting and analysis
  • Loss prevention

Back office

  • Dashboards for warehouse operations
  • POS terminal management
  • Cash management
  • Stock counting and adjustments using simple worksheets
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Purchase and transfer orders
  • Sales history
  • End-of-day management
  • Flexible architecture

Store - front office

  • Fast checkout
  • Simple operation
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Item cross-selling
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Loyalty program management
  • Multiple payment types
  • Special order entry at POS
  • Mobile sales
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile loyalty apps
  • Loyalty portal
  • e-commerce
  • Mobile inventory management
  • Stock counting management
  • Stock counting and adjustments

One platform

Lots of possibilities


Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The solution is compatible with the ERP system. It provides you access to various Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) modules such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Warehouse and Service.

Complete control over your transactions.

Everyday POS terminals process thousands of transactions. Thus, they are a source of valuable knowledge about products, customers, cashiers and stores. The LS Retail Back Office tool is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which maximises benefits resulting from collected information and enables you to generate valuable reports.

Flexibility and freedom

Retail Back Office is a huge industry tool that supports operation management and does not require the use of POS terminals. Due to its comprehensiveness, the solution automates operations as required for a specific retail environment. It enables the user to set up and adjust vendor prices and methods for sales transaction and store area management.

On-line and on-demand access

Retail Back Office enables you to create reports and track transactions starting from the source of origin. Within a minute, you can create a detailed and complete report. You can select an appropriate report from the report list and then analyse sales performance results for a selected period based on custom criteria. Data can be analysed for overload, profitability, cashier’s shift, departments, store sections, store shelves, product groups, items and item sizes, styles and colours.

Price monitoring

You can freely link prices with various items and POS terminals. The system supports price management for various item types, including multiple combinations of the ”select and connect” function and quantity discounts.

Price labels

With Retail Back Office, you can create shelf labels and posters. You can design them as needed and compliant with your corporate identity. Retail Back Office tracks all inventory changes and automatically creates new labels for printing.

Promotional campaigns

With the solution, you can track the results of your campaign. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

The solution tailored to your needs

Retail Back Office can be configured to make it perfectly tailored to the user’s needs. The setup allows you to define how POS terminals are to be managed by Retail Back Office. By defining your own parameters, you can set up custom prices, payment types, discounts and cashiers.

Streamlined client/server communication

The system enables a more efficient use of hardware and network, ensuring data security.

End-of-day management

The end-of-day process is controlled via the schedule that can be set up individually for a specific organisation type. However, the user does not have to wait until the store closes to view all update information.

Real time posting

The system provides integrated, real time accounting services and inventory control tools. This means that all POS transactions are replicated to Retail Back Office based on a predefined schedule. Therefore, they can be posted at any time..

Complete support for payment methods

LS POS enables you to manage and use as many payment methods as you need, including  credit cards, checks, debits or cash payment. Additionally, you can move customers between POSs and store locations.

One of the distinctive advantages of implementing Dynamics NAV is the potential for integration of B2B, B2C solutions and Business Intelligence tools with the ERP system. As all relevant data is consolidated into single database, Cross Jeans has greater day-to-day control over processes. LS Nav gives us comprehensive insight into the company’s performance. We are able to analyze data on an ongoing basis, plan future logistic and promotional activities. The benefits of implementing a complete retail management software system are numerous: enhanced customer service, loyalty programs and better purchase conditions


Przemysław Madejski, Chief Operating Officer in Cross Poland Sp. z o. o.

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