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Food industry with ERP system

The food industry is very demanding. It requires a perfectly-tailored ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (former Dynamics NAV) combined with Foodware 365 (former SI Foodware) which is a specialised industry solution. Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the dedicated food- industry solution. The food industry is a specific area of business where short expiry dates, low margins, high competitiveness and fast delivery are the decisive factors. Regardless of their profile, food manufacturers have to comply with numerous directives and legal regulations for food safety. By implementing dedicated IT solutions, it is possible to meet sales targets, establish strong brands and generate customer and client loyalty.

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Foodware 365 for food industry

Food industry in new design

To become successful in this complex and demanding industry, food companies should build their potential upon an ERP system enhanced with additional capabilities incorporated within an add-on solution designed for the food industry – Foodware 365.
The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as an ERP system and Foodware 365 guarantees improved productivity, process efficiency and high quality and top-level customer service. The integrated solution has been built around the primary business areas such as general ledger, finance, orders, sales, manufacturing and warehouse, thus it enables monitoring of the key business processes.


Foodware 365 can be integrated with the ERP system and has been designed both for manufacturing and distribution companies.


Financial Management and Administration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with Foodware 365 provides all functionalities required for finance and administration. All available capabilities, starting with CRM, sales management, through purchases, discounts, reservations, purchase orders to reports are integrated within the ERP system.

Project Management

Foodware 365 streamlines production processes thus enabling you to respond to changes. This way, you are able to offer the best quality service to your customers. Due to the integration of the ERP system and Foodware 365, processes are integrated and the user can get an overview of all orders, production, warehousing and vendors. Efficient process management ensures that all scheduled tasks are delivered on time and on budget.

Quality management

Food processing companies are obliged to fulfil high food safety requirements. Thus, the Foodware 365 solution meets international food safety requirements (BRC) and HACCP regulations. To ensure fast and effective order delivery, all processes should be integrated with the ERP system. The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Foodware 365 guarantees the highest quality of processes.

Logistics management

Internal and external logistics are essential factors in the food industry. When integrated with Foodware 365, the ERP system ensures control over inbound and outbound logistic processes in a food company. It enables you to move items and inventory surpluses fast and to control all warehouses effectively. Additionally, you can monitor the flow of goods, starting from the purchase of basic ingredients, transportation to end products.

Business Intelligence

Most producers and distributors of food products maintain large volumes of order, process and business data. In order to improve the company’s performance and secure its sustained growth, all information should be analysed in detail. The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Foodware 365 ensures access to all required data by means of the Food Management Dashboard application. The solution is based on the BI Dynamics and enables you to access data from your PC, laptop, tablet and smart-phone.

Lot administration

With Foodware 365, you can view logistic and financial processes that involve lot administration, including detailed inventory data. Each item and its warehouse location can be identified which is crucial to the lot administration process.

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Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Due to the integration and compatibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Foodware 365, the user can work seamlessly across the two applications.


Foodware 365 is a flexible solution that meets varied requirements of users in the food industry. It offers a set of functionalities designed for the food industry that streamline ordering and sales processes. With this solution, the user is able to modify or cancel the order even after the logistic process has been started. Additionally, the user can respond to market changes by adjusting its business processes within the system..

Catch Weight

Most companies sell products by weight. Foodware 365 – Catch Weight enables you to define a supplementary unit of measure that can be used to calculate and define costs, as well as product purchase and sales prices. With this function, you can control weight discrepancies.

Advanced planning

Planning in the food sector is of critical importance. Timely delivery and short product expiry dates impose the requirement to make process planning as transparent and detailed as possible. SI Foodware has launched the Advanced Planning functionality which enables you to monitor short expiry dates for products and optimise the workload, thus reducing insufficiencies of resources. It also supports accurate forecasting and reduces the number of unnecessary absences, repetitions and overtime.

Lot administration

The lot administration functionality ensures full control over daily price differences that occur typically in the case of selling fresh products with short expiry dates.


When using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that is integrated with Foodware 365, product quality management and the implementation of legal regulations becomes much easier and more automated. Thus, the SI Foodware solution meets international food safety requirements (BRC) and HACCP regulations.

Item management

SI Foodware is a tool for inventory management in distribution and manufacturing companies. It uses expiry dates, lot numbers and order deadlines.

Improved customer service

Effective manufacturing, warehouse and sales management as well as full control over item lots have the key impact on how fast the company is able to deliver items to its customers and how efficient the logistics process is.

Finance and accounting process

The solution enables complete insight into your contractors’ payments and decreases the time of cashflow for receivables.