solution that improves daily workflow management

Process automation

The agilesWorkflow is a solution designed to monitor your business processes. With workflow, you can define structured document flow between team members, which is of crucial importance for team work. It enables you to define roles and activities to be assigned to a selected user in the workflow. This makes each team member aware of its impact on the company’s meeting deadlines and team’s efficiency.


This solution is particularly useful for manufacturing and service companies. It enables you to split processes into tasks, assign such tasks to selected team members and divide responsibilities into process steps. agilesWorkflow is also a source of valuable information in the controlling process and helps you to improve working methods analytics.

efficient workflow

Take full control

IT.integro offers a solution that has been certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (former Dynamics NAV) which enhances workflow management capabilities of this ERP system.


agilesWorkflow is an add-on solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central, which supports workflow management. It comprises rich functional extensions which enable you to create an efficient workflow that automates task list management, thus increasing your efficiency.

agiles Workflow

In agilesWorkflow, specific workflows are triggered by specific scenarios or events that have been registered within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The program sends a notification to the user about his/her task with an action prompt, providing all information required.


agilesWokflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to track all current and planned tasks directly from the role center. If Microsoft Outlook has been integrated, the user automatically receives e-mail notification about problems and the most urgent tasks..

solution that improves
daily workflow


Business Intelligence

  • Monitor the list of current and upcoming tasks for teams and team members directly via the Role Center
  • View and analyse company and team performance data

Outlook integration

  • Track automatic e-mail notifications that contain current and overdue task alerts.
  • Work productively and access your tasks directly from Outlook.

Document management

  • Possibility to assign documents to specific workflows, tasks and records and to track all files.
  • Notifications on missing or incorrect documents generated automatically.
  • Force the review and checking of critical documents.

Data consistency

  • Set up default rules for data management and simplify data setup, modification and update by automating these processes.
  • Receive automatic notifications if the data is inaccurate.

External programs

  • Connect to SharePoint to assign tasks and send information outside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Create graphical views by exporting workflows to Microsoft Project at the click of a button.

Advanced workflow

  • Setup predecessor and successor relationship to ensure all prerequisites are fulfilled before a task is forwarded.
  • Manage complex workflows using decision trees and loops


Be assured that all processes are delivered correctly

Control the sequence and completion time of tasks to eliminate business risks by reducing errors, delays and other problems

Gain insight into your processes

With transparent UI, you gain better understanding of your processes and reasons for your delays and recurring problems.

Help your employees to be productive

Automate your business processes and recurring activities to reduce your daily workload. Provide your employees with tools to enable them to organise their task in alignment with company workflows.

Improve your flexibility without costly and time consuming customizations.

Setup simple or sophisticated workflows according to your current business rules and requirements for any business area.

Speed up your business processes

Notify and pass tasks automatically onto the next person or department in the workflow and ensure tasks are not forgotten with automatic reminders.

Respond quickly to the changing market or processes modifications

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central interface, you can update and customise workflows to respond to process changes in your company.