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Processing of personal data in Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Dynamics NAV in compliance with GDPR

How to process personal data in compliance with GDPR?

Regardless of the represented branch or industry sector, the operation of the organization involves, to a greater or lesser extent, the processing of personal data – customers, employees, contractors. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) thoroughly organizes the guidelines on rights and obligations resulting from this process. Businesses, by law, are required to protect personal data. ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) users collect it in the software database while performing their daily tasks and business processes. As a user, are you sure you are managing data correctly, in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

GDPR ToolBox

Work with GDPR ToolBox

GDPR ToolBox is a solution dedicated to Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) users. The application enables the collection, processing and management of personal data in the system in compliance with GDPR. Data is stored according to hierarchical structures that take into account the access level of specific users.

With GDPR ToolBox you can:

  • grant data access rights to users and document them,
  • delete, limit visibility or modify data upon request – also within the automatic scheduler,
  • assign additional information to data, such as data origins, consent statements or purposes of processing,
  • export documents with personal data from the system,
  • apply security measures,
  • document and report on all the processes listed above along with the tracking of the operator for selected operations.

Key features of GDPR ToolBox

Documenting additional information regarding personal data

As a user you can enter additional information regarding personal data such as data origin, purposes of collecting and processing; consent for processing including date and circumstances of granting the consent.

Defining storage tables and fields

You can collect personal data in the system using flexible structures that can be tailored to the desired processes, such as sales activities. These structures can be illustrated using standard or customized tables as well as maps corresponding to the hierarchy. The personal data entered may be assigned different degrees and types of security measures. If data is no longer to be stored, it may be deleted or switched to the invisible mode within a predetermined date – the application provides templates with timelines for this purpose.

The application allows you to define specific criteria for deleting or hiding data. You can specify a default value for each table, and thus specify when data is to be deleted or hidden. There is also an option to specify a reason.

Processing and documentation of inquiries

GDPR ToolBox facilitates inquiry management. The system generates personal data of the person submitting the inquiry and a document of its verification. Inquiries can be related to specific master data and additional notes can be recorded for them. The user has the ability to keep track of the inquiry processing status.

Lawful data processing and management

In accordance with the law and the will of interested parties, any personal data in the system can be deleted, transferred, anonymized or corrected. At the request of the authorized person, his/her data in the document may also be exported.

Support of process documentation

Documenting processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) is supported by additional reports for evaluating data structures (Tables and Fields) as well as the ability to grant access to specific personal data to individual users. The access level of users is illustrated within the statements

Key benefits:

  • use of structured documentation and reports on processes in the system that involve the processing of personal data
  • full control and insight into personal data – even with large data volumes,
  • quick application implementation process,
  • reliability of operation in compliance with UE law,
  • efficient responding to requests of data subjects,
  • efficiency resulting from partial management automation.

An ERP system adapted to legal requirements

By implementing GDPR ToolBox, you can be sure that the personal data you enter into the system will be not only clearly visible, but first and foremost, safe and processed in line with the law. Transparent use of the GDPR will allow your company to take the next step in building customer trust.

As a result of cooperation with partners from all over the world, ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a number of additional applications that will adapt the software to specific legal requirements (as in the case of GDPR ToolBox) and expand the capabilities of standard modules. With business and industry-specific solutions you can handle specific business processes characteristic of companies representing individual industries and sectors – manufacturing, retail, distribution or transport and logistics.

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