Advanced Cost Allocations

Parallel Posting, Manufacturing Cost Allocation and Calculation

Accurate calculation and posting of manufacturing costs in ERP system


Advanced Cost Allocations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the accurate calculation and posting of manufacturing costs through cost allocation, cost variance allocation, and parallel posting functionality. The application provides manufacturing companies with a precise valuation of the actual costs of manufacturing finished products.


With Advanced Cost Allocations, Business Central users can keep cost records based on cost types and calculation types and allocate the costs to the appropriate general ledger accounts according to defined or calculable reclassification keys. The calculation of the actual manufacturing costs takes into account the variances between the standard and actual manufacturing costs. Costs are settled on open production orders or by adjusting the value of production output.


The application provides a perfect balance between ergonomics and functionality, allowing you to independently set up the accounting, posting and valuation rules for manufacturing costs without the need to make additional system modifications or engage external consultants.


Advanced Cost Allocations is compliant with Polish law in the scope of manufacturing cost accounting. Compliance with local requirements valid in other countries is provided within implementation projects.

What companies is the application for?


Advanced Cost Allocations is a universal application for manufacturing companies which are required to keep records of costs based on cost types and business function and to allocate costs in order to ensure the accurate settlement of actual manufacturing costs.

What do I need to know about Advanced Cost Allocations?


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Functionalities of Advanced Cost Allocations

Parallel Posting

The parallel posting functionality enables you to record costs based on cost types and business function. With flexible setup, the application works well for scenarios that encompass parallel posting of the amounts transferred between different general ledger accounts.

Cost Allocation

The cost allocation functionality allows you to assign common indirect costs to different business units, processes and products. By defining allocation steps and combining them into sequences, you can determine the appropriate processing order.

Source and target accounts are defined for each cost allocation step. For each allocation step, you can also choose whether the allocation key is fixed or dynamically calculated.

The calculation of dynamic keys for cost allocation is based on the entries posted in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and you can set the tables that are used by default for key calculation.

Default Journal Line Dimensions

Within this functionality, you can assign default dimensions to a combination of inventory journal line type and combination of posting groups. This allows warehouse workers to use the default dimensions when posting warehouse transactions, which means they do not have to select the required dimension values themselves.

Allocation of Manufacturing Cost Variances

The allocation of manufacturing cost variances allows you to calculate the difference between the standard and actual manufacturing costs. Such cost variances can be settled by applying them against open production orders or by adjusting the value of received production output.

The functionality has been designed for companies that require precise and automated valuation of production orders and manufacturing costs.

How much does Advanced Cost Allocations cost?

Online & On-premises subscription

On-premises perpetual

• The price of the application is listed for 1 full user in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium license.
• The price does not apply to the Team Member and Device license in Business Central.
• In the case of the Perpetual License, the prices should be increased by an annual fee or the Enhancement Plan (EP).

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Benefits of Advanced Cost Allocations

Increased efficiency of accounting processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Compliance with Polish law in the scope of manufacturing cost accounting

Compliance with local requirements in different countries provided on an implementation project’s need basis

Automation of cost allocation

Arcuate calculation of manufacturing costs

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