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Starting from fashion boutiques, through supermarkets and duty-free shops, the retail industry includes a wide spectrum of business activity. However, what all retail activities have in common, is high competitiveness, increasing pace of changes and challenges.


In order to stand out from your competitors, your sales staff should work for positive feedback from customers. However, maintaining high service standards is not enough to win customers’ loyalty and commitment. Presently, customer wish to have on-line and remote access to their favorite brands and stores. In the light of the increasing demand for Web stores, physical stores have become the limited form of retail business.


Fulfilling customers’ expectations on wide assortment and choice is another challenge for retailers. If customers do not find the products they have been searching for, it means not only losing a sales opportunity but also putting customer’s retention at risk. On the other hand, maintaining a huge warehouse involves many problems such as seasonal sales fluctuations and short expiry dates. LS Retail is a response to all concerns of retail business.

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Retail management with LS RETAIL

Retail management LS Retail is a complete solution that streamlines multi-channel retail management. As a vertical solution, LS Retail meets the specific demands of various retail companies. It offers a wide spectrum of functionalities which are required for effective operation and process management starting from company headquarters to POS terminals. Its simplicity enables you to schedule and manage backup activities. LS Retail enables you to track your sales, inventories, product life cycle through all sales channels in points of sales or on the e-commerce platform as well as on your mobile device.


Be fast and effective to keep up with market changes. Minimise risks and maximise benefits. LS Retail incorporates a number of tools which by improving the level of customer service, make customers to return both to online and physical stores. Choose an industry solution which will bring your business into the new era of trade. The LS Retail software has been designed particularly for fashion, electronics, furniture, duty-free, food stores and supermarkets.


The complete solution that streamlines multi-channel retail management.

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Beside industry solutions, our offer includes a number of business tools which enable you to increase the functionality of your ERP system

  • Document Capture

    This a perfect solution for service companies which has been designed for scanning, registration and archiving all documents in a company. Find out more on how to improve your back office processes and eliminate redundant paperwork.

  • Workflow

    Efficient workflow management is a priority for each company. To use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a solution for service companies, the ERP system has been enhanced with add-ons that enable the user to set up productive workflows, define automation settings and manage task lists.

  • EDI

    Electronic data exchange (EDI) is a method for exchanging messages in a standardised format between systems. Such messages can include orders, warehouse receipts and invoices.

  • MDMS

    MDMS - is a system for Master Data Management System. This solution has been designed for the synchronisation and management of central data stored in dispersed locations. Improve management and workflow in multi-subsidiary companies.

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