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The manufacturing industry involves a wide spectrum of business activity. It includes various types of companies that manufacture products of different complexity (i.e. process and discrete manufacturing) or of different scale (manufacturing, craft production, home manufacturing). Manufacturing companies are also different from one another. However, all of them are targeted at the same objective which is to standardise the manufacturing processes highly and make it efficient and effective. In order to achieve their goals, companies invest in the ERP systems.


With its rich functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) meets the needs of manufacturing companies. It is flexible and can be customised easily to individual needs and processes. Additionally, it offers a wide range of industry solutions which enhance manufacturing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions for manufacturing industry

  • Gantt’s graphs

    It ensures effective management of processes and optimised usage of manufacturing resources. Production planning and scheduling reduces manufacturing costs, as well as it enables you to increase efficiency, calculate material requirement accurately and prevent material overflow and shortages.

  • Cosmo Consult

    Powerful tool designed for manufacturers specialising in process manufacturing. This solution has been developed especially for the chemical industry (particularly for paint and varnish manufacturers) and plastic processing.

  • WMS

    fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is a perfect complement of the ERP system functionality. Integration supports faster exchange of information with other departments such as finance, purchases and sales.

  • Modus Furniture

    In order to manufacture the simplest furniture item, as much as even several dozen of parts with a different technical specification need to be assembled. For each item, a separate production order has to be placed and all linked processes have to be monitored.

  • Foodware 365

    Food industry is a specific area of business where short expiry dates, low margins, high competitiveness and fast delivery are decisive factors.

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Beside industry solutions, our offer includes a number of business tools which enable you to increase the functionality of your ERP system.

  • Document Capture

    This a perfect solution for service companies which has been designed for scanning, registration and archiving all documents in a company. Find out more on how to improve your back office processes and eliminate redundant paperwork.

  • Workflow

    Efficient workflow management is a priority for each company. To use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a solution for service companies, the ERP system has been enhanced with add-ons which enable the user to set up productive workflows, define automation settings and manage task lists.

  • EDI

    Electronic data exchange (EDI) is a method for exchanging messages in a standardised format between systems. Such messages can include orders, warehouse receipts and invoices.

  • MDMS

    MDMS - is a system for Master Data Management System. This solution has been designed for the synchronisation and management of central data stored in dispersed locations. Improve management and workflow in multi-subsidiary companies.

  • Office 365

    Office 365 provides you with a package of applications which you already know well along with unlimited computing capabilities. With Office 365, you can collaborate on-line using a HD video conferencing tool, business e-mail and social networking platform. Discover the abundance of opportunities for your company within Office 365.

  • Mobile NAV

    MobileNAV enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV users to access the system by using their mobile phones or tablets. This functionality is of particular importance to sales and customer service staff.

  • Targit Decision Suite

    TARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence platform which offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics, reporting, and stunning dashboards in a single, integrated solution. Empower your employees with fast access to information.

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