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Retail and distribution involve a wide and varied spectrum of business activities. These industries are represented by companies from multiple branches starting with clothes and furniture retailers to petroleum trading companies.

Retail and distribution companies face many specific problems due to complex dependencies on their markets.


These industries are very diverse. Regardless of differences, the need for ongoing changes and improvement is very common both for retail and distribution companies. Development is a prerequisite for being ahead of your market competition. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV), as an effective ERP solution, empowers your company to grow and increase its business and sales performance, enhancing your customers’ satisfaction at the same time. This way Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central fulfils the critical needs of retail companies.


We have successfully completed many projects for retail and distribution companies, gaining industry-specific experience and knowledge.

We offer dedicated add-on solutions which enhance the comprehensive functionality of the ERP system for the retail and distribution industries.

  • LS Retail

    This solution has been designed for the B2C market, starting with fashion boutiques through supermarkets to free-duty shops. This industry software brings your company into a new era of trade. The LS Retail software has particularly been tailored to the requirements of fashion, electronics, furniture, duty-free, food stores and supermarkets.

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    Document Capture is a perfect business solution for scanning, registering and archiving company documents. Find out more on how to improve your business administration processes.


    Each company should set efficient workflow management as one of its priorities. Therefore, beside the standard workflow functionality, you can enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with add-ons that enable you to set up productive workflows, define automation settings and manage task lists.

  • MDMS

    MDMS (Master Data Management System). This solution has been designed for the synchronisation and management of central data stored in dispersed locations. It is useful for companies with their local subsidiaries using their standalone databases.


    Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive, flexible and very efficient cloud platform, which makes your company grow and react fast to changes. The Azure platform ensures unlimited scalability and efficiency as well the possibility to use the unlimited capacity of secure data warehouse.

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