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Many multi-subsidiary companies face daily problems with data structure and communication. Their subsidiaries use their own databases and different systems, which makes it impossible to communicate effectively. This has business drawbacks in many operational areas. The lack of standardized data management triggers problems with monitoring subsidiary performance, as well as applying uniform pricing and distribution policies. Processes become more and more inefficient. In order to eliminate such processes, IT.integro has developed Master Data Management System (MDMS).

What is Master Data Management System?

MDMS is an add-on solution ERP system certified by Microsoft. It supports data synchronization and standardization in multi-subsidiary companies. In most cases, MDMS is incorporated into the Global Template that is used as an extension of the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality designed to fulfill the needs of multiple subsidiaries operating within a single corporate group

Common challenges with Master Data Management System

Organizations whose subsidiaries work on different databases face typical difficulties. Obstacles cannot be avoided as long as subsidiaries manage their data independently. The simplest solution is to create transparent processes of information exchange and management. MDMS is a tool facilitating this process.

Benefits of Master Data Management System

Read about benefits like faster implementation of changes within the company – all modifications of global data (inventory, price lists, contractor data, etc.) are automatically transmitted to all subsidiaries, simplified and more efficient data management from headquarters or complete master data synchronization in all subsidiaries.

7 steps of the master data standardization project

There is a tendency to treat the Master Data Management System module as a magic wand which is used to sort out inconsistent data stored in various Microsoft Dynamics NAV companies and databases and to prevent inconsistency drawbacks. However, this approach results from misconception about how the module works. Slow-moving inventory and stock reduction in international companies with Dynamics NAV In global companies it is possible to effectively reduce slow-moving inventory in multiple warehouses. Slow-moving inventory in one warehouse may be required in other subsidiary. If a group of companies starts collecting data about those products, there is a good chance of stock reduction in their global quantity.

Master data quality

Large companies usually delegate whole departments to data maintenance tasks. Their goal is to set up new cards, create technical documentation and enter data into a database. With the Master Data Management System, which imposes specific standards, the data quality enhancement process is much simpler. After implementing such standards, it is easier to set up the system for data synchronization, which is the final stage of the data quality upgrade process.

ERP Implementation phases in compliance with the methodology

Methodology is a set of tools and good practices that secure the effective implementation of the ERP system. It has been designed based on many-year experience of Microsoft consultants and partners.

Master data standardization in a global company

The tool used for master data management is only a part of the whole process which leads towards implementation and the maintenance of data consistency. Before the tool is used, it is necessary to adopt policy for data numbering and cleansing. After the implementation of Master Data Management System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is completed, a separate process has to be performed to apply all numbering changes.

Request a 5 minutes demo of 2 basic processes in MDMS add-on, that present how to:

  • keep item data consistency across multiple companies
  • manage global chart of accounts in multi-national organization

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