Development perspectives for the years to come

8 the most important trends of business analytics

What you will learn with this eBook

As the modern world is changing rapidly,  entrepreneurs have growing and more varied expectations. Technology is the area that is undergoing the most rapid changes. In this report, we discuss the forecast for the development of business analytics that we will surely be experiencing in the future.

The growing significance of data in the management process

Solutions designed for self-service business, improved data visualizations, advanced dashboards, easier and more intuitive BI. These are the developments that pave the way for a management culture based on data and data analytics.

Self-service tools - the future of modern business

Modern business requires fast actions and immediate decision-making. If you want to leave your competitors behind, there is no time to wait for time-consuming analyses from specialists.

Data visualization and manager dashboards

Data visualizations and management dashboards enable you to understand trends and identify irregularities. Because they are easy to interpret, they provide more knowledgeable insights than tables.

Quit mundane report building

Nowadays, companies withdraw from time-consuming analytical solutions. As new innovations become available, new capabilities emerge for organizations.

The art of analytical story telling

Communicative story telling is a prerequisite for the successful interpretation of numeric data, especially for non-analytic users.

Growing significance of predictive analytics

Today, people are exposed to an overflow of images and ads. As a consequence, most of these commercial messages are ignored.

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