MS Azure

Why move to the cloud MS Azure?

When is the right time to move to the cloud – MS Azure?


  • No need for infrastructure investments
  • A pay-as-you-go payment model based on the actual use of resources
  • Save money, energy and work time of your IT staff
  • Switch from CAPEX (capital expenditures) to OPEX (operational expenses) and carry out new projects with more ease and efficiency.


  • Take immediate advantage of new resources
  • Avoid sudden peaks in network traffic
  • Access data and services from anywhere and at any time
  • Lower risk of leaving the project before it is finished


  • Cloud-based tools safeguard your data
  • Protection of assets from internal and external threats
  • Data backup, retrieval and storage are much more economical and effective
  • Cloud-based system is resistant to fires, floods and other disasters

Consumption-based pricing model

On MS Azure, you can store your databases, applications and programs that you use every day at work. How much you’re charged depends on specific needs of your business. MS Azure platform is fully scalable which means you can use the server space that you actually need. With this solution you pay only for the resources that you have really used.

Improved efficiency

With MS Azure, you can enjoy enhanced efficiency and unlimited capabilities that cannot be achieved even on the most advanced desktops.

Improved data protection

MS Azure platform is the most trusted and safest of all available solutions and offers the most comprehensive compliance coverage of all cloud providers. It has more certifications than any other cloud provider and unique data residency guarantees. It is the industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection. 

Total data control

The strategic goal of Microsoft is to ensure transparency of operations in terms of privacy, as well as security, storage and processing of data. It was the first major cloud provider to adopt ISO/IEC 27018 – the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy.
Using Microsoft Azure services, you are still the owner of you data – text and audio files, videos, software and other materials that are crucial for running the business. You can access all these resources any time you want, without any assistance from Microsoft.

Reduced infrastructure costs

When deciding to move your applications to the cloud, you can avoid investing or maintaining costly IT infrastructure: servers, hardware, software, updates. You don’t need to worry about employing IT specialists, as your cloud provider will take care of administration works and provide full support of your infrastructure. He must also ensure the security and reliability of the cloud platform.

Lower costs of running the business

With cloud computing the costs of running the business are considerably lower as you don’t need to make large up-front investments in on-premise servers, hardware and software. You can easily control and pay only for cloud resources that you actually use. The money saved in this way could be channeled into more important investments.

With Microsoft Azure platform, the risk of having insufficient resources during increased demand periods is negligible. You can keep a record of performance parameters and adjust the intensity of work accordingly.

 Flexibility and convenience of running your business

The cloud is an ideal solution for mobile employees. With MS Azure, you can work from anywhere and at any time. To keep track of all changes, operations and processes within the company, all you need is Internet access. What you get is full control over your business, flexibility and the comfort of work.

High availability of cloud platform and services

Microsoft guarantees at least 99,90% availability of services (Database and Data Repository) and 99,95% of connectivity.

Scalable IT resources

Microsoft Azure ensures unlimited scaling possibilities and efficiency for your business by providing you with unlimited data repositories. The solution offers the ability to flexibly allocate resources when there is an increased need for additional IT reserves. With on-premise servers, it is extremely difficult to deal with rapid increases in demand.

Access to the latest technologies and consolidation of IT environments

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which developers and IT professionals used to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of datacenters.

Transfer of system management and administration to the cloud provider

With the cloud-based solution, there is no need to invest in advanced server infrastructure and its support. The party responsible for supporting and maintaining the platform is the service provider. As a result, you don’t have to employ additional staff responsible for ensuring the stability and security of your platform.

Freedom to conduct and develop your business

With MS Azure, you can feel free to make your business grow. The cloud capacity expands with you and your needs and you are the one to decide about the efficient use of available resources. Microsoft Azure is an ideal choice for small, local companies, as well as multi-branch businesses.

When is the right time to move your business to the cloud?

The cloud market is entering a period of stabilization. Cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity and business owners are increasingly aware of the potential benefits of moving their business to the cloud. Unlimited scaling possibilities, exceptional flexibility and a high level of innovation, that used to be the main area of consideration for managers, has become today’s standard.

A growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises decide not only to implement hybrid solutions combining off-premise servers and cloud platforms but also carry out migration processes of the entire IT infrastructure. These strategic decisions allow companies to invest in complex IT systems and state-of-the-art technologies that they couldn’t afford before. The cloud eliminates the problem of purchasing expensive equipment or maintaining the server room, replacing fixed costs with more variable ones at the same time.

Each company that is undergoing dynamic changes must, at some point, face challenges that impact productivity in the workplace. The most common obstacle to overcome is using the IT system that is not ideally suited to address the specific needs of your growing company. A system that is not sufficiently flexible, effective and functional. At this point, a quick decision and action is needed. This may be a perfect moment to move your business to the cloud and invest in a top-quality software that will streamline all your processes and automate daily tasks.

When is the right time to start thinking about the cloud MS Azure?

Rapid company growth

With the rapid development of your business and a growing number of new employees, system users and sales orders, the need for a change may arise. The need to implement solutions that will fit the specific needs of your organization and will no longer create artificial barriers. If you have noticed that the existing IT infrastructure is no longer sufficient to manage your business, consider moving your operations and IT resources to the cloud to make sure that the barriers are gone for good.

The need to reorganize the server room

Until recently, upgrades of IT infrastructure involved the purchase of new servers, expansion of existing server rooms and network facilities and investing in data centers. However, this is no longer necessary as business owners are more and more willing to replace on-site servers with virtual ones. There is no need for the purchase of new hardware and software, as well as investment in costly support of IT department. The cloud model provides comprehensive support of cloud servers, access to state-of-the-art technologies and virtually unlimited possibilities for the use of the platform.

Increased costs of maintaining your own IT infrastructure 

The requirements your existing IT infrastructure has to fulfill increase as your business expands. To facilitate company’s further development, many business owners decide to expand server rooms and purchase new technologies. Over time, it turns out that profits achieved are not proportionate to the server maintenance costs which increase significantly. If your business experiences such drawbacks, it is definitely the right time to stop investing in hardware, software and servers. What you should do is to consider transitioning to the cloud.

Problems with the company’s operations during increased demand periods

If your company’s efficiency drops during seasonal peaks in sales (such as pre-Christmas time) and resources at hand are not sufficient, you should look for a solution that will offer exceptional flexibility and unlimited scaling capabilities. If there is an urgent need, you can allocate additional resources quickly and on an ad-hoc basis, and restore the standard level of resource usage once the task is completed. And, what’s the most crucial is that you pay only for the actually used resources.

Your business needs savings

Purchasing and maintaining on-premise servers require a huge financial commitment. If one of your business goals is to reduce costs, implementing cloud services will be the right move. As a business owner, you only pay for the used computer resources.