Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany and Intercompany Insights

What’s new in our solutions for global and multi-subsidiary companies

In the second quarter of this year, our team developed a set of improvements for IT.integro’s solutions addressed to global and multi-subsidiary companies, including Master Data Management System, Advanced Intercompany and Intercompany Insights. The new releases of our apps are compatible with all the enhancements in the latest version Dynamics 365 Business Central online. They also support former on-premises versions of the system.

Read what’s new and what’s planned in the portfolio of our apps for corporate groups and global companies.

Master Data Management System (MDMS)

  • Support for OAuth web services authentication

Keeping up to date with the enhancements in Business Central, MDMS supports OAuth for web services authorization (until now, only the Basic mode was supported). See more info HERE.

  • Mixed mode – support for companies that are both the Master and the Receiver company (Proxy Mode)

In some scenarios, it is necessary to set up a company that is used both as a data receiver and data publisher (e.g. to hold region-specific master data). Previously, a single company in Business Central was set either as a Master company or a Receiver company – could never be both. With our app, you can set a company to be used both as a Receiver and Master within your organization.

  • Further quality-of-life changes

Minor changes and improvements include the rework of the Record-Level Replication feature. In addition, the enhancements for the remote deletion of records ensure improved user experience. We also provide a micro-extension that can be used and modified by partners to address different business scenarios.

  • Message compression & performance improvements

Further performance improvements, including message compression.

  • E-mail notification support

A new notification system helps companies troubleshoot replication issues.


Advanced Intercompany (IIC)

  • Support for combined invoicing

The Advanced Intercompany (IIC) app offers enhancements for sending combined invoices. The invoice received is automatically linked to posted receipts.

  • Handling of custom events

Advanced Intercompany is even more extendable. By using multiple event publishers, partners can fine-tune the app to fulfil specific business requirements.

  • Automated creation of warehouse receipts

When a shipment notification is received, the app automatically creates a warehouse receipt document for the goods inbound.

  • IIC Log Rework

IIC Log rework is intended to allow administrators keep track of the messages flow and help them troubleshoot any potential issues.

  • Improved handling of message templates

IIC Message Templates handling will be simplified and error-proof which ensures that data structure is consistent between companies.

  • Support for Journals

Until now, the IIC app allowed companies to send and receive purchase and sales documents. It will also include journals.

Intercompany Insights

  • Support for receivables & credit limit check

The planned enhancements to the Intercompany Insights app will enable cross-company receivables verification, including collective credit limit check. The feature can be integrated into standard workflows.


2020 Roadmap

See what’s new and planned in our apps addressed to global and corporate organizations that use Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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