What's new in Advanced Intercompany

New features in Advanced Intercompany

Over the last 4 months IT.integro team has managed to introduce many improvements in working with the module dedicated to groups of companies – Advanced Intercompany. The changes were developed based on, among others, our partners’ suggestions. We invite you to explore what’s new in the Release Notes. Below we present you the most important new features.

  • Intracompany – users can define several partners within one company, who will conduct business transactions with each other. A new option is now available to assign separate sender endpoints to different vendors and customers to enable the user to define the recipient of the document, in line with the current need.
  • Pre-invoice improvements – In the pre-invoice process, Purchase Line and Transfer Line are available in additional events so that the vendor can rewrite the necessary additional fields between the indicated tables. The Purchase Line number is additionally included in the Transfer Line to make it easier for the user to find the applied relations later.

Advanced Intercompany

As a result, the Pre-invoice functionality will delete existing warehouse receipts that no longer make sense due to a change of location on the receipt.

Advanced Intercompany

  • New event to skip Warehouse Receipt – If a user knows they want to receive goods in a different way than through the warehouse, they can now skip creating a warehouse receipt when accepting a Shipment Notification.
  • New events to skip setting the “IIC Document” field on – Despite selecting a partner as a vendor or customer, you can exclude a document from intercompany functionality. With new events, you can un-check the “IIC Document” field after its setup and process the document locally, without sending it to the partner.
  • Sending line deletions – buffer – if necessary, a line can be deleted after creating the document, and the line deletion will appear after the update on sales documents of both cooperating companies.

Advanced Intercompany

The module also includes the ability to review old buffer archives and new fields and events related to the processing of returns. You can read about all the new functionality in the Documentation.