Cross Jeans

Cross Jeans streamlines business processes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail

The retail landscape is changing at a staggering speed. Innovative solutions, mobile technologies and the widespread availability of the Internet redefined the expectations of consumers, who are more and more demanding and conscious of what they need and expect.

To better address the needs of their customers, Cross Jeans decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail solutions that streamline multi-channel retail management and ensure excellent customer service.

Dynamic growth of Cross Jeans brand

Cross Jeans was founded in the 1940s and delivers and serves customers in many European countries. The company employs more than 6000 people and produces over 15 million pairs of jeans annually. Cross Jeans has its headquarters in Poland and Germany and regional offices in Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Germany.

The brand has been present on the Polish market for 25 years. You can buy Cross Jeans products in more than 25 showrooms and 200 brand-stores throughout Poland.

The key project objective was to integrate all solutions used to manage B2B and B2C channels and to create a unified database within the ERP system – Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That would allow them to prepare advanced analysis and reports by using in-built BI capabilities.

– We decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with LS Retail because the existing ERP system limited the development of our business – says Przemysław Madejski, Chief Operating Officer, Cross Jeans – We were looking for a global solution – the one that was unified and could be used by all company locations. The solution that would provide secure and instant access to a coherent database and reliable analytical tools. To achieve the desired effect, MDMS – a module supporting the management of central data was implemented. The new tool allows more effective monitoring of business activities carried out in individual subsidiaries and seamless data synchronization – he continues.

In 2017, a decision was taken to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail in the Polish branch of Cross Jeans. IT.integro was chosen as an implementation partner.

Implemented solutions

To manage multi-channel retailing effectively, an ERP systemMicrosoft Dynamics NAV integrated with LS Retail was implemented in company locations. By integrating the solutions, we could provide our employees with instant access to all areas of our business – finance, sales, marketing, inventory and services and streamline day-to-day operations.

– The project in Poland was carried out four years after implementing the systems in Germany. The solutions were successfully integrated and well received, that is why we decided to carry a global roll-out of the system in the Polish subsidiary. When deciding to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, we paid particular attention to the international reach of both solutions. With multi-language and multi-currency features, it was possible to install the systems in all our European stores and continue the company’s growth – says Przemysław Madejski, Chief Operating Officer, Cross Jeans. We chose the solutions that were flexible, scalable and tailored to our specific business needs. What finally convinced us to choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with LS Retail, was a list of references provided by clients from the retail and fashion industry – he adds.

Moreover, Cross Jeans invested in two add-on solutions: Master Data Management System – a tool designed to manage and synchronize data in all company locations and Targit – Business Intelligence tool.

– Business Intelligence solution allows in-depth retail analysis – says Jakub Abram – You can get to know the target groups of consumers by monitoring their buying behaviors, measuring the profitability of sales promotions and tracking customer traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. The collected data will serve as a reliable source to conduct sales activities more effectively, create personalized marketing content and better adapt offerings to meet customer expectations – he sums up.

Key business benefits

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail helped Cross Jeans to ensure a higher level of control and direct insight into business processes carried out within the entire organization. As a result, the company was able to adapt to the market trends and evolving customer needs, enhance competitiveness and guarantee excellent customer service.

– One of the distinctive advantages of implementing Dynamics NAV is the potential for integration of B2B, B2C solutions and Business Intelligence tools with the ERP system. As all relevant data is consolidated into single database, Cross Jeans has greater day-to-day control over processes – says Przemysław Madejski. – LS Nav gives us comprehensive insight into the company’s performance. We are able to analyze data on an ongoing basis, plan future logistic and promotional activities.
The benefits of implementing a complete retail management software system are numerous: enhanced customer service, loyalty programs and better purchase conditions.