BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central i IT.integro

KSeF, Copilot in Business Central, new applications – what did we talk about at BC Partner Day 2024?

Once again, we met with our Polish Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners at BC Partner Day 2024. The conference was held on May 21 at Microsoft headquarters and gathered over a hundred representatives of partner companies to explore new solutions for their customers, share insights into the future of the industry and build partnerships. We work closely together, share knowledge and together build the image of reliable and competent Polish partners on the global market.

Exclusive conference for Polish IT.integro and Microsoft partners

The IT industry for business operates by its own rules. The dynamics of changes in the business environment and revolutionary solutions in the IT market determine the need for discussion, collaboration and knowledge sharing among Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

Some of the key topics discussed during BC Partner Day 2024 included the development of tools provided by Microsoft, new business opportunities through artificial intelligence, sales prospects via Microsoft AppSource, the integration of Polish Localization with the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF), and the time-consuming nature of Dynamics NAV to Business Central upgrade projects.

AI w systemie ERP - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Experts from IT.integro, Microsoft and partner companies on the BC Partner Day 2024 stage

Recently, Forbes Advisor ranked Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the best ERP system in the world in 2024. We are incredibly fortunate to work with this solution. Its competitive advantage lies in a comprehensive range of business functionalities it offers and the technological support provided by Microsoft. This advantage is enhanced by Microsoft Azure cloud services, automation tools, website and application development capabilities available within Power Platform, and the AI tool – Copilot which can significantly enhance user performance when used effectively. At the same time, Business Central is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 office tools and can also work with other Dynamics 365 solutions, such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. It is our responsibility as Microsoft partners to educate the market on these advancements and provide our clients with the best solutions available.

What is new in IT.integro’s application portfolio?

We see tremendous potential in the development of the Microsoft AppSource marketplace that offers ready-made applications and extensions. In 2021, 1900 applications for Business Central alone were offered on AppSource, and now there are as many as 5300. At IT.integro, we have been investing in product development and empowered our teams to create reliable and business-useful solutions. Since the last BC Partners Day 2023 meeting, we have developed several solutions and improvements that we were presented at this year’s conference.

Aplikacje biznesowe IT.integro dla Business Central na Microsoft AppSource

Our new offerings include applications designed for other countries such as Electronic Banking Extensions. Currently, the extensions are available for 15 countries and new ones are still being prepared by our development team.

We also presented other new business applications for Business Central such as:

  • Cash Desk Management – ensures efficient processing of cash desk operations, transactions and reports;
  • Advanced Cost Allocations – provides advanced features for parallel posting, and production cost allocation and calculation;
  • Fiscalization – offers efficient functionality for generating and issuing fiscal receipts for financial transactions;
  • Bonuses & Accruals Extension PL – allows for advanced calculation of bonuses, discounts and accruals according to the requirements of Polish companies.

Over the past year, we worked not only on creating new solutions but also on developing and enhancing our flagship applications. New capabilities were introduced in, among others, HR & Payroll Manager, Advanced Product Configurator and Polish Localization. We also invited partners to participate in practical workshops on Polish Localization and HR & Payroll Manager.

Optimized production processes with the Advanced Product Configurator

Advanced Product Configurator is not a new application and it has already been implemented successfully in different companies – both manufacturing and service-oriented. It allows users to set up the configurator without any additional system modifications or programming knowledge. The functionality enables users to create item cards, item variants or production orders based on defined attributes, attribute values, as well as dependencies between the attributes.Aplikacja Advanced Product Configurator dla Dynamics 365 Business Central od IT.integro

We encourage you to explore the capabilities of this powerful application. For more information, please read the documentation on Advanced Product Configurator for Business Central.

How does AI shape new business models and markets?

This question was answered by Microsoft experts who work at the very heart of technological innovation. They spoke about the profound impact of artificial intelligence on business, our daily lives, and the necessity for business transformation and adoption of innovative technologies. The AI technology requires adaptation efforts both from partners as technology providers and our clients including both employers and employees.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

According to research, employees expect AI solutions to help them quickly find information, write meeting summaries, perform analytical tasks, plan their daily schedules, and enabler them to work more creatively.BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

On the other hand, leaders and employers primarily expect increased productivity, support for employees in repetitive tasks, enhanced job satisfaction, and other benefits. Every employer and leader must ask themselves whether their team is ready for these changes and what they can do to adapt their operations accordingly.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

Clients who use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have the advantage of accessing intelligent AI—Microsoft Copilot—within their ERP system, as well as within other Microsoft 365 tools. Copilot supports experts, customer service employees, marketers, HR specialists, salespeople, security analysts, IT employees and developers.

What is new in the integration of Polish Localization with the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF)?

One of the key topics of the conference was the integration of the Polish localization layer of Business Central with the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF). This issue affects each of our clients. It is crucial for every company to comply with the new legal requirements. In recent weeks, the Ministry of Finance announced a new deadline for mandatory implementation of KSeF requirements. We see this as an opportunity to conduct system upgrades for our clients. Integration with the National e-Invoicing System is mandatory. During the BC Partner Day, we presented the schedule including the planning of upgrades, implementation of changes in Polish Localization, pilot implementations, and testing, as well as multiple rollouts.

Integracja systemu ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central z Krajowym Systemem e-Faktur KSeF - BC Partner DayWe also addressed the issue of JPK CIT – the first group of taxpayers is obliged to provide the report for 2025 by 31 March 2026.

Additionally, we decided to release the source code of Polish Localization on GitHub, and it will be available to partners, soon.

Bonuses & Accruals Extension PL – a new application for Polish customers

The Bonuses & Accruals application allows companies to calculate discounts after issuing a sales invoice or purchase invoice, as well as set up and manage, for example, loyalty programs, royalties or commissions. It also provides functionality for posting accruals for calculated bonuses.

Bonuses & Accruals Extension PL - aplikacja biznesowa dla Business Central

Bonuses & Accruals Extension PL is a solution that caters for the needs of Polish companies. It enables users to:

  • create sales credit memos in accordance with the requirements of Polish Localization
  • and facilitates the creation of collective credit memos (per period)

It is important to note that Bonuses & Accruals Extension PL is delivered free of charge.

Efficient data migration in upgrade projects with the IT.integro tool

All of our partners know how challenging it is to successfully migrate data when upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central. Some of the upgrade issues that arise include the limited capabilities of the standard tool, the lack of custom upgrade tools, or the wrong timing within the fiscal year.

Aplikacja do migracji danych z NAV do BC Data Migration Tool od IT.integroTo address our own needs, we have created Data Migration Tool, that we showcased to our partners. We have decided to make our solution available for free on GitHub on an open-source basis. We hope this will make the upgrade process easier for our partners.

IT.integro Partners on the BC Partner Day 2024 stage

This year, we also invited our partners to join the group of speakers. Everyone was welcome to submit their session topics. Among the speakers were experts from EIP Dynamics, NAV24, and INLOGICA who presented their own business solutions.

BC Partner Day - Prezentacja Portalu B2B od EIP Dynamics

Monika Małysa and Rafał Barnowski from EIP Dynamics demonstrated the B2B Portal—their proven solution for B2B sales. The B2B Portal is EIP’s proprietary solution. It is designed for distribution and trading companies that sell in the B2B model. The solution can be integrated with Business Central via API, and its intuitive interface simplifies the management of purchasing and sales processes. During the presentation, the speakers presented the capabilities of the B2B Portal and its business benefits, including personalized product offering and streamlined data flow between the trading platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

Wit Jakuczun from INLOGICA presented AI-based production planning capabilities. Factory Scheduler is an innovative solution that uses advanced AI algorithms to optimize the production planning process in a factory. Unlike traditional planning methods, Factory Scheduler allows for the simultaneous calculation of multiple plans, depending on various criteria in order to select the optimal scenario. The tool enables rapid iteration by testing multiple hypotheses simultaneously without modifying the database. This allows the production planner to quickly analyze different plan variants and make the most accurate decisions.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

Arkadiusz Leśniak from NAV24 demonstrated the logistics optimization capabilities with the NAV24 Courier application. This application helps optimize costs related to planning, organizing, and executing the courier shipment process directly from Business Central. During the presentation, we found out what business needs Nav24 Courier addresses and learned about different usage and performance scenarios as well as licensing, and development plans.

Meeting of partner companies’ management at BC Partner Day 2024

We invited executives and board members of partners’ companies to a special focus discussion group. We see various challenges and opportunities that are unfolding in today’s business and economic reality. We face the globalization of the labor market and the necessity to compete for employees with partners from all over Europe and beyond. We shared our strategy for retaining valuable employees and our approach to price competition in the global market. We would like to thank all participants who joined the discussion. We believe that talking to each other helps all of us make better decisions aimed at providing even better services to our customers.

BC Partner Day 2024 - konferencja dla Partnerów IT.integro i Microsoft

Feel free to contact us and visit partner.integro.pl

We would like to thank all attendees and speakers who joined BC Partner Day 2024. They provided a great deal of knowledge, interesting topics, and new ideas to explore. We invite all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners to visit our dedicated website at partner.integro.pl.

See you soon!