IT.integro Participating Business Fair Play Program

IT.integro Participating in the 2020 Business Fair Play Program

IT.integro has decided to participate in the 23rd edition of the “Business Fair Play ” Program – a campaign bringing together enthusiasts of good practices and fair business principles.

About Fair Play

Fair Play is the nationwide program organized by the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy. It addresses many institutions from local business communities throughout the country. For more than 22 years, the main goal the event has been to propagate a positive attitude towards business ethics, both within business organizations and the external environment. The campaign is oriented at promoting positive relationships between entrepreneurs and customers and the local community, and respect for the natural environment.

The contest involves professional evaluation of various areas of business activity such as internal policy, administration, or HR. The winners — “fair players” can count on prizes in various categories, including the Grand Prix statuettes or other awards for debutants. This year, IT.integro makes its debut as a contest participant

IT.integro in the program

For almost 30 years, IT.integro has been operating on the Polish market and building its growth on the fair play principles. Working towards its goals, IT.intego nurtures its relationship with partners and shares its knowledge and experience while educating other enterprises on modern technologies. The Code of Ethics provides a key guidance for the company on how to act; therefore we hope that the Business Quality Certificate can soon be added to the existing list of distinctions that we have proudly received so far. Keep your fingers crossed!