LS Retail in Orbico stores

Implementation of the LS Retail system in Orbico, a company operating in the fashion industry

The IT.integro team had the opportunity to carry out the implementation project that involved several Orbico companies. Orbico operates in the fashion industry on the international scale. Orbico companies have been using the ERP Dynamics NAV system for many years. The aim of the implementation project was to enhance the capabilities of the existing system with LS Retail’s solution, designed for the retail industry – LS NAV. The investment covered multiple locations: Converse shops, multi-brand stores and the Chanel store in Warsaw.

Improving the quality of retail sales with LS NAV

The companies where the system was implemented are focused on sales of such products as shoes and sportswear, which means they have to ensure a product offer with a variety of sizes and color options. For this purpose, the project team implemented extensive size matrixes as a part of Master Data Management System, an add-on solution for central data management. It enabled Orbico to easily manage products as well as price lists, both in traditional shops and in e-commerce.

Improving the quality of customer experience, also by means of facilitating the daily work of sales staff was one of the goals of the LS NAV system implementation. To achieve this, Orbico stores implemented, inter alia, the functionality for POS services, carried out integration with fiscal printers, deployed warehouse management functions in stores and added new functions that support staff activities and management (incl. the standard day closing).

In some stores, we implemented functions for granting and setting up discounts, which enabled Orbico to improve its up-selling strategy.

“Since the implementation of LS NAV, we can better monitor everyday sales and margins and make accurate business decisions on sales and discounts, which has proven invaluable in recent times that have been very difficult for the retail industry” – said Eddy Malky, Managing Director at Orbico.

Customization based on customer needs

This implementation project was characterized by a specific course. We resigned from a classic roll-out in favor of simultaneous installation in over a dozen stores in order to better meet the customer’s needs. Orbico emphasizes that when they were choosing the solution, the software versatility was one of the key decision factors. The solution had to contain the functions required for sales processes optimization, to be configurable to reflect the processes specific to the company and allow for interaction with another tools.

Among many positive changes that resulted from the implementation of LS NAV, the following have already been recognized:

  •  increased efficiency of store staff within repeatable daily activities;
  • shorter order processing time;
  •  greater efficiency of warehouse and supply chain management as a result of the introduction of a central warehouse for different company units.

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