NAV 2018

Implementation of electronic signing procedures at IT.integro

In view of the dynamic development of the digital technology in multiple business areas, we decided to implement a solution that will enhance the process of signing contracts, orders and other documents related to the cooperation with our Customers. As a further step in the digital transformation, we have implemented the procedure for electronic document signing. For this purpose, we use DocuSign – a tool adopted by companies in almost all regions of the world.

Electronic signature

An electronic signature is a quick, convenient and eco-friendly way of signing documents that is used by the largest businesses worldwide (e.g.  Microsoft). This signature form is legally binding and recognized by companies, as well as state and international authorities.

Electronic signing procedures in DocuSign

Persons appending their electronic signatures with DocuSign are not required to prepare an electronic signature or fulfill formal requirements in advance. Documents are forwarded to the e-mail addresses of persons who are authorized to sign them. Each person signing the document uses the signature provided by DocuSign that is a confirmation of the person’s identity and authorizations. Then, information about signing the document by all required approvers and a set of electronically signed documents is sent to all interested parties. Signing documents with DocuSign does not entail any additional responsibilities or generate additional costs for our customers. IT.integro is fully responsible for the provision and maintenance of the service.

With DocuSign, you can streamline communication with your customers, optimize document workflow,  speed up and monitor the process of ordering services and signing agreements.