Advanced Cost Allocations - aplikacja dla Dynamics 365 Business Central

Advanced Cost Allocations – Parallel posting, allocation and production cost calculation in the ERP system

Advanced Cost Allocations is a proprietary solution provided by IT.integro that enables companies to generate valuations and post actual production costs of finished goods. The tool is equipped with features for cost allocations, variance allocations and parallel posting. It allows users to handle reposting schemes and independently generate production cost valuations, without the need to engage external consultants.

Let’s see what the application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers.

Who is the application dedicated to?

Advanced Cost Allocations is a versatile solution. It has been developed to respond to needs of all manufacturing companies that allocate and register costs by origin and by type and whose goal is to obtain precise calculations of actual production costs.

Functionalities that streamline accounting processes in the production area

Our new application has been equipped with features necessary to improve the efficiency of accounting processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Here they are!

Parallel posting

This functionality allows users to handle cost registration by origin and by type at the same time. In addition, the flexible setup of the application can be also used for reposting amounts between general ledger accounts.

Cost allocation

Users can assign common indirect costs to different units, processes or services. The functionality also allows for defining allocation steps. Each step has:

  •  a defined scope of source accounts,
  •  a defined scope of target accounts,
  •  the ability to select whether the allocation key should be fixed or dynamically calculated.

Journal line default dimensions

With this feature, users can assign specific default dimensions to combinations of item journal line type and posting groups. This improves the use of the system in the warehouse as employees do not have to select dimension values manually.

Production cost variance allocation

With the application, the user gains the opportunity to calculate differences between recorded and actual production costs.

Check out Advanced Cost Allocations on Microsoft AppSource!

Our application is a comprehensive tool that should not be overlooked by companies willing increase the efficiency of their accounting processes and ensure their compliance with the current accounting standards. Feel free to visit the platform for certified business solutions – see Advanced Cost Allocations on Microsoft AppSource.

To learn more about the solution and how it supports company operations, see the product documentation.